Parenting Workshops and Seminars in Nairobi

We could all use some guidance when it comes to parenting. As much as we like to lie to the world that we have things under control as parents, the truth of the matter is that parenting is overwhelming, exhausting, and we have no idea what we are doing half the time.

This is where professionals like Hamida Ahmed come in. She is a psychologist/trainer who facilitates parenting workshops for parents and offers staff training in different areas.

Hamida consults for one of the international schools as a school counselor and has a private practice at Peponi Rd -Westlands.


Children and Adolescents, Adults, Couples And Family Therapy,Expatriates therapy, grief therapy, Trauma Counseling, Adoption Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling, Play Therapy, Individual & Group Therapy.

Trainer-Parenting Workshops, Stress Management, Conflict Management Workshops, Emotional, Intelligence, Staff Burnout, Finding Work/Life Balance, Change Management

For more details you can contact her on 0718-233-759 

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