Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit Review

I just came across the most amazing deal on Amazon, I just had to share it with you. It is a 28% discount on the bestselling Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit supplement. If you get there in time, you might still be able to get it for less than $13. Why is this deal so exciting and why is this product a bestseller? I’ll try to explain in the review below…


Almost every woman will develop a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) at some point in their life. E. coli, a bacterium normally found in the colon is the cause of this painful infection. More often than not, the bacteria will find its way into the urinary tract and multiplies causing an infection to the tract as well as the lining of the bladder.

Studies have established that cranberry juice prevents the bacteria from attaching itself to the wall of the urinary tract. It does this by use of phytochemicals in the fruit which bind themselves to the bacteria making it easier for them to be excreted instead of sticking to the walls.

One convenient way of ensuring that you get the daily dose of the cranberry goodness is by taking the cranberry supplements. Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit is one of the best ones we have in the market today. It is in fact a bestseller on Amazon. Made from cranberry concentrate, Nature’s Bounty Cranberry with Vitamin C comes in Softgels that provide a range of health benefits.
It not only helps support the integrity of the urinary tract and the bladder walls in both men and women, it also contains Vitamins C and E which help increase the body’s immunity against other ailments.


Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit supports the bladder and urinary walls thus promoting urinary health in both women and men. It also contains Vitamin C that plays a major role in supporting immune function of the body. To do this, the supplement boasts the following features:
         It supports the health of the urinary tract
         It maintains the integrity of the walls lining the  bladder
         It contains a high-potency source of vitamin C to boost immunity
         Oxidizes the free radicals in the body

About the Product

Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit not only provides the goodness of cranberries and the urinary tract health benefits associated with it, it also comes fortified with Vitamins C and E which arm the body with additional immunity against common ailments and infections.

Cranberries have a long history of use for health benefits especially when it comes to the prevention and treatment of UTIs. Nature’sBounty Cranberry Fruit is a highly concentrated form of cranberries that supports urinary health by removing unwanted compounds, cleansing the urinary tract and ultimately maintaining the integrity of the bladder.

The supplement also has Vitamins C and E for additional immune benefits. Vitamin C supports the immune system to promote overall wellness and health, while Vitamin E frees the body off the free radicals.

The softgels are easy-to-swallow and are rapid-release allowing for superior absorption to allow your body to reap the benefits of cranberry quickly and more efficiently.


         Say goodbye to the painful and irritating UTIs
         Small and easy to swallow
         Quick release capsules
         Promotes the body’s immune system
         Fights free radicals which are the cause of cancers
         They are affordable
         They are natural as compared to antibiotics
         Unlike antibiotics, cranberry has no side effects


         6 pills a day is a little too many especially for those who are not so crazy about medicine and any kind of pills. If you prefer to take less pills in a day, consider getting the CranActinCranberry Extract No Alcohol
         Most customers question the 4200mg given the size of the pill. While I highly doubt the size of the capsule determines the dosage, you might like to consider getting Nature’s Plus – Ultra Cranberry if you are one of those who believe that ‘size matters’ 😉

Insider Tips

Like we’ve discussed above, the bacterium causing UTI is normally present in the colon. The bacteria are introduced to the urinary tract when we shower or wipe. To prevent the recurrence of the infection, ensure that you always wipe from front to back to avoid introducing these bacteria to the vagina.

Compared to Nature’s Ultra Cranberry and Cranberry Extract No Alcohol Solaray: Major Feature and Specification Differences

Cranberry Supplements Comparison Table

Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit 4200mg/ Plus Vitamin C, 250 Softgels Nature’s Plus Ultra Cranberry

 CranActin Cranberry Extract No Alcohol Solaray

Product Dimensions
6 x 5 x 4 inches
3 x 3 x 5 inches
2.9 x 2.9 x 5.2 inches
Shipping Weight
4.8 ounces
5.6 ounces
5.6 ounces
Number of Capsules
Vitamin C
Price Comparison
List Price – Under $18
Currently- Under $13
Under $30
List Price Under $40
Currently – Under $20
Buy Now
Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit 4200mg/ Plus Vitamin C Nature’s Plus Ultra Cranberry

CranActin Cranberry Extract No Alcohol Solaray

As we conclude, we revisit the main features and properties of the 4M Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit:
         It Treats and prevents Urinary Tract Infections
         Promotes the health of the urinary tract and the lining of the  bladder
         Vitamin C boosts immunity
         Vitamin E fights free radicals

Check out the Nature’s BountyCranberry Fruit on today to see more details and read other customer’s reviews now.

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