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Nation Media Group Contacts | How to Contact Nation Media Group

Nation Media Group is one of the leading media houses in Kenya. Here are the Nation Media Group Contacts for those who want to contact the media house’s customer care.

Nation Media Group Phone Contacts

Use this number to call:


+254 20 3288000

To get the contact details for the different departments, kindly follow this link.

Or send an email to : – For advertising – For feedback

Nation Media Group Contacts

Nation Media Group Website

Visit the Nation Media Group website through the link.

Nation Media Group Facebook

You can reach them though their Facebook page by following this link.

Nation Media Group on Twitter

Another way of contacting  customer care is by sending a tweet through their twitter handle @nationmediagrp

Nation Media Group Postal Address
Nation Media Group
P.O. Box 49010 – 00100 GPO, Nairobi

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  1. Kenyans in Diaspora
    1663 K Street NW Washington, District of Columbia 20006
    Tel: 202-898-1472/3
    An open letter to President Uhuru M Kenyatta
    Dear Mr. President,
    I am writing on behalf of our Kenyan members in the diaspora regarding concerns of the management of our national affairs. Mr President I believe you appreciate that much of our country’s revenue is in recent years generated from the many hard working sportsmen/women and others living and working abroad. It is therefore imperative that these Kenyans need to know how the money resources they inject into the national economy is used and whether or not it is put into proper use that benefits Wanjikus et al. Mr President, concerns have also been voiced that your government has over borrowed from the Chinese government through SRG and other projects which has stagnated other sectors of the economy. The idea of constructing this SGR had not been debated on or even proper feasibility studies undertaken by financial experts. The reports we receive are that the Chinese operate this SGR with the sole purpose of recouping their loan for the next ten years. This period will almost certainly see the gauge badly depreciated upon which they shall offer to repair it and the recouping circle shall continue for another decade or so. Our question Mr President is: This SGR is it Kenyan or Chinese project? How do Kenyan tax payers benefit from it? Please reinvigorate my blurred economics here. Our suggestion is and please heed it: You need to return to our traditional business partners namely the UK, Germany, the US, Sweden, Canada and the IMF and make amends with them. You need to ask them to help our country repay this Chines debt at an affordable rate over a reasonable period of time. Even as you consider this alternative, you should engage friendly neighboring states namely Uganda, Southern Sudan, Rwanda and D R Congo if they are willing to partner with us to complete this SGR. Use the existing rail line. It is imprudent to do a new line as the compensation of landowners takes much of the loan money.
    While you have a noble duty of solving this debt problem, you need to consider and recognize that Kenyans are overburdened by the large government you preside over. You have too many local governments with equally large numbers of representative. These governments are unnecessary. No one tells us the duties of the Senate. We suggest you revert to the original 1966 Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s 8 Regional Assemblies with at least two or three representatives from the original 47 districts now called counties. That was the devolution that made sense. It partly mirrors the Aukot Ekuru’s ‘Bunguza Mzigo’ suggestions in his constitutional amendment draft. We are yet to see the BBI draft recommendations. However, if it is making recommendations to expand an already blotted government, then it shall not be of use to the ordinary citizens. We suggest that all funds disburse to the counties should be managed by the DCs and PCs and not the governors. All the while the PCs and the DCs managed resources at Provincial and District levels, we did not see cases of public funds embezzlement or fraud. Our people only complained of forced chicken donation to Presidential Harambees which was not a big deal really.
    Hopefully you will be able to put your administration house in order before you finally retire in 2022.
    Yours truly
    Félix Nyatète 09/15/19

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