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Mpesa ATM Withdrawal Charges

You are in town without your ID or ATM card in need of some cash when you suddenly realize that you have some money in your Mpesa account. How convenient is it that you can simply use your phone to make an Mpesa ATM withdrawal? This service is available at KCB, PesaPoint, Diamond Trust Bank, Nic, Family and Equity banks. in this post we look at the Mpesa ATM Withdrawal Charges.
But before we get into how you go about the transaction, let us see the Mpesa ATM withdrawal charges so as to know exactly how much money you can withdraw.

Mpesa ATM Withdrawal Charges

To do the withdrawal, simply take out your phone and use the bank’s Agent code to withdraw through the ‘ATM Withdraw’ option on your Mpesa menu. You will receive a 6 digit code that is valid for just 2 hours.

On the ATM, select Mpesa before choosing your preferred language. Type in the authorisation code you received, your phone number, amount you wish to withdraw and press ,Continue’.

Remember to take your receipt. You will also get a confirmation message on your phone. The Mpesa ATM Withdrawal Charges apply.

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