MobiKash is the all-in-one, independent, mobile commerce, mobile banking and mobile money transfer system in the region, giving you access and control of your money no matter which bank, or mobile network you use.

MobiKash allows you to manage and conveniently perform a wide range of financial transactions from your mobile phone, POS terminal, ATM and over the internet. It works on all mobile phones, which readily connects to banks, financial institutions, MFIs SACCOs and Billers or Merchants.

The MobiKash services are available through:

  • Mobile phones
  • Partner banks and MobiKash Agent Network
  • Point of sale terminals
  • Internet
  • ATM

Among the services offered by MobiKash include:

  •  Bill payments
  • Sending money
  • Cash out
  • Airtime
  • My Account
These services are available for 24 hours, 7 days a week. MobiKash allows customers to link or connect all their bank accounts amongst the participating banks.

15 thoughts on “MobiKash”

  1. I paid the ksh99 as required but when i post the mpesa message it tells me invalid code,i cannot continue with the process to access your loan?

  2. I paid ksh99 as the terms dictates but when i post the mpesa message,its rejected by indicating”Invalid code”i cannot access the loan????

  3. I have tried your app when I put the mpesa code it’s says invalid yet it’s the right one do you have a place I can forward the message

  4. Kindly I have applied for the loan and it was approved but there are no answers.What might be the problem.

  5. Hi I downloaded your app and requested for a loan…you asked 198sh charging fee which I sent to abuygoods number..when I enter that message for comfirmation inasema invalid I try after one hour…what might be the problem

  6. I am urbanus kioko and I registered with mobikash and I requested a loan of 500 and I was requested to pay 198 bob as facility fee and I paid after that I was told to copy the M pesa massage and after that I received a text saying invalid code what is wrong or what went wrong??

  7. I tried to borrow for a loan but it was declined after sending the below mpesa
    PIB9RK5ACF Confirmed. Ksh199.00 paid to SELFTECH VENDORS. on 11/9/21 at 2:51 PM.New M-PESA balance is Ksh1,021.06. Transaction cost, Ksh0.00. Amount you can transact within the day is 297,346.00.You can now access M-PESA via *334#..It says invalid code when copy pasting in the box

  8. I applied for a beginner business loan of Ksh 24000,after paying a commitment fee of Ksh 198 via mpesa, however a pop up message tells me that I entered the wrong mpesa code
    Kindly assist

  9. I am trying to apply a loan it has been approved and asked to deposit a 197 and paste mpesa message and it’s coming back invalid code,I have ended up depositing three times. 1st ksh197
    2nd ksh 2
    3rd ksh 199
    Through this till5911431 because I thought I was wrong. What could be the problem

  10. I pay 197ksh to get loan but I have not get the msg come that my loan as been approved since yesterday.and day also they send me a msg that my loan is approved.iwant to now if I will get the loan

  11. Why is it u can’t approve my loan yet av paid 198, telling me invalid code , does it mean mpesa gave me fake code????

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