Milton Steriliser Tablets 2015

Babies below the age of one year have an immune system that is still developing. They are therefore more prone to infections than the rest of us. That is why you need the Milton steriliser tablets to give the little one extra protection from germs.

Milton Steriliser Tablets

Milton steriliser tablets are able to kill disease causng organisms such as |Listeria, Salmonella, ampylobecter, thrust causing Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger, polio causing Poliovirus, as well as Adenovirus.

Milton steriliser tablets can be used to sterilise everything from breast pump parts, feeding bottles and spoons, weaning cups, teething rings as well as toys. The good thing is that once the solution has been made, you can add items to it throughout the day because the solution works for up to 24 hours. Your item will be ready for use without the need to rinse in just 15 minutes.

To use the Milton steriliser tablets, you first need to wash myour breast pump parts and other items you need to sterilise in warm soapy water. You then make the solution by dissolving a single tablet in 5 liters of cold water in a bucket with a lid. Add the items to the solution, close the lid and let the items stand for 15 minutes. Remove the items and use without rinsing.

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