Melina’s Messy Updo

A Messy Updo

Saturday mornings are busy for this mama. We go to church on this day and I have to get everyone ready, prepare breakfast and ensure that the house is clean. The hardest task by far is doing my daughter’s hair. She is not the easiest of people to work with.

Today I had to undo the three strand braids she has had for the last few weeks, before washing it and styling it for church. I had planned to blow dry the hair and have her wear it straight for the day but we ended up doing something way simpler.

Still wet
We shampooed the hair. She sometimes likes it, other times she does not.She fussed a lot today. Kept saying how painful the water is. Of course I believed her.
Up close
It looks really tangled, but the conditioner makes it very soft and easy to comb.
Next we moisturize and oil
I use Miss Africa Olive Oil Lotion as a moisturizer and Ballet Hair Tonic to lock in the Moisture. The Olive oil is especially good for heat protection when using the blow drier and restores the hair’s natural moisture. It however  has a weird smell. The hair tonic on the other hand if fortified with Tea Tree Oil (Very good for dandruff and dry scalp), Almond oil and Vitamins A&E.

I settled for an updo
By the time I got to this point, I had no time left for straightening the hair. I decided to do the messy updo. I did not even comb the hair; just used two tiny bands to hold it in place on the top of the head.
From the back

Simple, easy and cute.

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