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Meal time Must Haves

If you chose to exclusively breastfeed, you will not need feeding essentials until your little one is at least 6 months. Bibs, bowls, a high chair and spoons are just some of the items you need when you start feeding your baby solids. In this post we look at the meal time must haves for today’s moms. feeding

Feeding bottles:
BPA free feeding bottles with nipples are ideal for feeding your baby liquids like breast milk, formula, water and juices. Ensure that the nipple is the right one for your baby’s age to prevent straining the baby if the flow is too slow or choking when the flow is too fast.

When choosing a bowl, go for unbreakable ones. Babies love tossing things around and the feeding bowls will suffer many dives to the floor in their time. And like with other baby products, use BPA free bowls as a recent study linked this enzyme inhibitor to obesity later in life.

Baby spoons should be soft, rounded and rubber coated. This prevents injuries to the delicate and at times tender gums. 

Feeding a baby is a messy affair. They spit out the food and spread it all over everything that comes in contact including you. Using a bib ensures that you reduce the mess they make on their cloths. It is easier to clean a bib that clean that shirt and sweater.

Lunch Box:
There are times when you need to pack food for your baby. An example is when going to church. Finger foods are perfect in such cases because they are less messy and your baby can feed herself/himself.

High Chair:
A high chair makes things much easier for you when feeding your child. It not only keeps her/him upright enough to swallow with ease, it also lifts the baby to your level on the dining table making feeding a breeze. It also restrains him/her giving both your hands the much needed freedom to, I don’t know, feed yourself.

Sippy Cups:
Once your baby hits the one year mark, it is time to ditch the feeding bottle for a sippy cups for the sake of those teeth. The sprout should be soft and the handles textured for an easier grip.

Soft Face Towels:
After feedings, you will need to clean up your baby. A soft face towel dipped in warm water will do the job well. Avoid using scented wet wipes as they may irritate the baby’s skin especially in the delicate areas like the neck.

You can get the meal time must haves delivered to you by ordering through that link. The products available include breastfeeding products, food preparation items, high chairs and boosters, pacifiers and teethers, feeding bottles, food storage containers, bibs and burp cloths, table tableware as well as baby food.

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