Mater Hospital Maternity Packages

Opened in 1962, Mater hospital is committed to delivering high standard medical services to all their customers. The hospital’s most popular program is the Mater Heart Run that was founded in 2004 in a bid to help patients who cannot afford cardiac surgery.

In today’s post, we look at the Mater Hospital Maternity Packages which entail antenatal care, childbirth and delivery as well as the antenatal visits. The services offered are;

  •     Upto 8 visit: This include out of working hours visits
  •     Laboratory tests:Haemogram, Urinalysis, VDRL, Blood Grouping and HIV
  •     2 Obstetric Ultrasound Scans
  •     Iron and Calcium supplements for 3 months
  •     Prenatal classes
Below are the maternity packages offered at Mater Hospital:
Normal Delivery Package
The normal delivery package comes with the following services:
  •     3 days hospital stay for mother 
  •     General Nursery care for the baby
  •     Ward Procedures
  •     Provision of Consumables
  •    3 days’ Doctor and Paediatrician visits
  •     Labour Ward charges are covered in the package. i.e medication and episiotomy
  •     Pain Medication while in the ward
  •     Child immunization before discharge
Caesarean Section 
 For the caesarean package, the hospital offers the following services;
  •     5 days hospital stay
  •     1 day special care for mother and baby and 4 days General Nursery for the baby
  •     Laboratory tests
  •     Maternity operating services covered;  theatre, Anaesthetic and medication
  •     Doctors visits for the mom and Paediatrician visit for the child
  •     Normal ward procedures
  •     Provision of consumables
  •     Pain medication while in the ward and on discharge
  •     Child immunization before discharge

Postnatal care

   In both of the packages,  moms are entitled to 2 postnatal visits upto the  6th week after delivery.

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