Losing Weight While Pregnant

Is it possible to lose weight while pregnant? The answer is Yes and No. Yes because in the first months of pregnancy, most women are too sick and nauseated to eat well. They’ll therefor lose weight for the second and the third month. There’s however a turnaround once the morning sickness subsides by week 13 and the body starts packing on the pounds. But this does not mean that you need to diet and workout to lose weight during pregnancy. It is just pot healthy for you or the baby.

No because at the end of pregnancy, the body should have added a significant  amount of weight so as to nourish the little bunny. Not just during pregnancy, but also later when breastfeeding.  A person who is of an average weight should add 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. An underweight woman should add between 28 to 40 pounds, while an obese woman should add between 15 to 25 pounds. Before I got pregnant, I weight 121 pounds.

For the first three months of pregnancy however, my weight went down 11 pounds to 110. I would later gain a whooping 46 pounds and weighed at 156 pounds by the time I was giving birth to my daughter. I therefore added the maximum allowed for a healthy woman- 35 pounds. See how I was able to shed all those pounds in 7 months.

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