Lose 10 Pounds

To lose 10 pounds, it is always more effective to combine exercise and diet as compared to relying on diet alone. This is because the combination of the two results to improved fitness. The improved fitness levels come with a number of benefits that accelerate weight loss.

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  • Increased energy levels: When one is exercising, the heart engages in activity of pumping the blood throughout the body, providing muscles with energy. The muscles help to maintain and increase stamina during the exercise. The general impact of this is enhanced energy for the body.
  • Improved appearance: Physical exercise and training improves the general look of the body. By engaging in the fitness activities, the level of the body fat in the body is reduced. At the same time, the tone and strength of the muscles is increased.
  • Improved body resistance: Regular fitness exercises allow the body to build a resistance to several ailments.
  • Improved mental capacity: Physical exercise helps improve the brain as it gives one the discipline to manage his or her mind.
  • Helps to improve one’s mood: Exercise controls stress thus helping one to become more focused in life. This is because it enhances the discharge of supplementary chemicals (endorphins) in the brains.
  • Improved relaxation: It is believed that whenever one exercises, he or she has a chance of escaping from all the negative things taking place in their life.

Generally, exercising is believed to help individuals in losing weight fast, maintaining weight loss, as well as fighting obesity. Research has revealed that people who exercise on a regular basis may lose more weight as compared to those who are less active. This holds whether the person diets or not. Losing considerable weight however, calls for both exercise and calorie checks. Studies have also shown that individuals who exercise are more likely to stay on a diet plan as compared to inactive people. This is because fitness improves psychological well being and replaces desk bound habits such as mindless snacking. It  also enables one to make healthy diet choices.

Instead of starving to lose weight, one is able to choose high fiber meals like whole meal, fruits and vegetables. Finally, studies have suggested that individuals who are overweight but fit have half the death rate of overweight and unfit individuals. Additionally, people who have trained for a long period develop a more efficient and effective means for burning fat and are able to stay fit.

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