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KPLC Customer Care Contacts | Kenya Power Customer Care Contacts

We have all searched for the Kplc Customer care number in darkness at some point. Today just happens to be your day.
Whether you want to check your monthly Kenya Power and Lighting Company Bill, want to report a power outage, or simply query your bill, you might want to contact KPLC Customer Care at one point or another. The company’s social media presence eases the relationship between the company and its customers. It has never been easier to have your questions and queries answered.

If you would like to contact Kenya Power Customer care, here are the KPLC Customer Care contacts:

KPLC Kenya Contacts

KPLC Phone Contacts

Use these numbers to call:



0711 031 000
Or send an email to

Kenya Power and Lighting Company Website

Visit the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) website through the link.

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) Facebook Contacts
You can reach them though their Facebook page by following this link.

KPLC Customer Care Contacts
Another way of contacting  KPLC customer care is by sending a tweet through their twitter handle @KenyaPower_Care

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) Physical Address

Stima Plaza
Kolobot Road, Parklands
Nairobi Municipality

I have paid but have not received the KPLC Tokens Message

In case you have paid but are yet to receive your token number – which happens a lot more than it needs to- you can use a code to get your latest token in a minute. No more calling or desperately trying to reach the service provider through their social media profiles.

Simply dial *799# and follow the prompts.

The step by step process of recovering the KPLC tokens are in this post.

146 thoughts on “KPLC Customer Care Contacts | Kenya Power Customer Care Contacts”

  1. hellow,, whats hapening with my meters secured since April A/C no. 5557495-01
    All processed paid for but whenever I visit Bungoma Office they tell me the contractor has been given to come and fix them.
    How long does it take for the contractor to locate my premises and how long does it take to fix the separation meters?
    or is this a way of forcing for bribes??
    Desparate client.

    1. Why is it that even after i made my payments of 32,500 for new application 3 months ago until now i have not been connected to power, every day am tossed from one office to another. this is not the way to treat your customers. My Ref No. E21132015092073. Phone No. 0720353234.

      Please advice me on how i can address my complain to CEO – KPLC, CS-ENERGY or The Board – KPLC


    2. There’s an unplanned power outage in South B. Power has gone for a while. I am stranded! Kindly assist

  2. Good Evening. My meter no 01451166886 komarock mbuyu court hse 284 is fulty as every 2 to 3 days I have to load 500sh I called KPLC On Friday and was promised the meter would be changed by Saturday or Monday 30th Nov. Kindly advice me as I currently don't have other source of light like solar

  3. basing on what was on todays news, that connection fees to reduce, how long will it take for us to benefit,I have heard of what is called quotation, how long does it take to be processed. Those who are beyond 600m how much do they pay to be connected.

  4. Hi, hv tried to call all emergency line today with no one to answer. we hv a problem with some line at zimmerman near powerstar suppermarket. Our line is on and off

  5. This service of yours is totally irrelevant and isn't adding any value to clients inquiry.
    This is a mere mockery of the highest degree. You better close it since their is no difference with engedging your corrupted staff in the ground to assist rather than complaining in this platform n no solution can be concluded.

    1. Deo, what is irrelevant? My attempt to give readers contacts so they can have their issues sorted out or my attempt to help them out.

      First, I am not KPLC and I'm not associated with them in any way. I'm just a humble blogger who feels kenyans pain in dealing with the service providers and does the little or much I can to help. Even if it is just listing the contact details so you can use the one most applicable to you.

      Second, I already contacted KPLC on your behalf, they said that they needed your application reference number. I told you so and you were unable to provide.

      I suggest you use one of the contacts listed in this post to follow up on your query with KPLC directly. Have a lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. Please help me understand when power was installed at our home, av been paying the bill through e-bill since none of the KPLC workers did come to read the metre. But it was last month wen one of them came and read and I have been emailed the bill of 33,714.04 which am supposed to pay by 24/12/2015. Please help me understand why that amount? Have they changed the system of billing or what is not happening because am disturbed with the whole issue. A/C No. 4284493-0

  7. I don't understand that token thing this is daylight robbery.
    Where I have been staying my monthly bill used to be between 400-600 shillings.
    now am spending Kshs 500 per week since dec 2015 meter no 14239665830. can I be informed what is the basis of that consumption.

    1. What is the matter with this? I have just moved into a new HSE MTR no. 01450421977. I buy token for ksh.200 and tells me to add ksh.1366 so as to get credit.I interprete it is the standing charges left unpaid by former tenant,so I add ksh.1400 hoping to have the balance as credit.

      They tell me it is not enough I add ksh.166!!How? I add ksh.250 so that it is more. They tell me ksh.250 is not enough I add ksh.1316!!!How does this come??

      Their 'customer care numbers' is just fraud! Nobody picks but consumes airtime.


    2. I agree with you Nyamai, they never answer calls, I have been following up on a token for the last 1 month, it was worth 500Ksh, the Airtime i have used is 1000Ksh. Am so disapointed up to today i have not received the units.

  8. Mtr no 14105468335…bought tokens for 800 shilings on 2nd December and didnt recieve token number till now. Kindly assist.

  9. not at all. this was an old house and a client moved out. I just came in in Dec but with this post paid issue.. Its extorting my pocket. what I have is basically what i have been having in my previous residence my bill have never gone beyond Kshs. 600 pm. How comes this month and almost for a week I have not been around and the bill still goes to Kshs. 500 for 43 token which dont last for 2 weeks even?

    1. That's why I'm telling you the best people to contact are KPLC themselves if you feel you are being robbed. You got 43 units for Ksh. 500? I would consider that lucky. I bought tokens last week and for Ksh. 1000, I got 54 units!

      My point is, I'm a KPLC customer just like yourself. I can't even relate with your situation since I'm used to paying up to 2,300/= a month. 1,400/= on a good month.

  10. hi am from busia county have applied for power three times ,for them to tell me that it has expired why? MY CONNECTION to the grid is just two posts from my neighbour where power is . there are tell me to pay quation which is not mine of 179 000,two posts plus wire a two face connection how much does it cost? am at water supply suo khurale next to tom chadema .for three years with out power my id number is 13706325 tel no 0721601115 and o7o7 779143, 0707485587 am waiting.

  11. Hello kplc? what is happening with my site in embassies (Kayle) plot no B4-144 no power is now one week they come they sit under the transformer ikifika idol they go without doing anything ref no 2737367 or meter no 14104221305 plz wanahitaji Hongo ama mini? Ask 4 me

  12. Hello am Francis from nairobi kayole having a problem of not having power in my house as anther 39 plot we had a ref no which is 2437367 account no 14104221305 near imara primary sch ad no help since 1ad a half week imagine ask 4 me why do they want with us

  13. Hello, my name is Mike I am at 25 Parklands road, that is, next to Mayfair suits. We have not had power in the whole building since the night of 19th January, 2016. kindly assist

  14. Hello am from kidogo basi in mombasa.we don't have power since on Tuesday.we have the power people they said they will come but until today they have never come.please help

  15. since early last year, I complained about a falling line which is leaning on my house which according to me sounds very dangerous. early this year I forwarded photos of the situation but nobody is bothering whom do I turn to hope kplc are not waiting for a disaster to happen. Location Barrack Estate Kisii Area Thika.


    I wish to lodge my complaint as follows:

    On 1 March 2016, I paid Kshs 2,000 for topping my
    Electricity Meter No 01450091515 but to my entire
    dismay given 11.9 units. An amount of Kshs 1,650
    was deducted under remarks 'Total Monthly FC ex

    This has come as complete surprise as this charge
    is NEVER seen before. Accordingly to the local
    press reports, KPLC is reducing the electricity bills
    hence on the downward trend.

    Please clarify this matter most urgently as none of
    these charges are levied on customers before. This
    is the first time such deduction is done on purchase
    of units.

    Failure to resolve this matter expeditiously shall
    compel me to resort to local press and legal advice
    as it is quite frustrating as no proper explanation
    is advanced by MUMNET INVESTMENTS LTD.

    Whilst this matter is being resolved, I shall abstain
    from using MUMNET services until further notice.

    You have reach me on my Mobile No 0733783733.

    Kind regards.

    Dr U Dave

  17. Hi. Im from Kiserian. We have not had electricity since monday. Account number 2274305-01 Plot number 15009 Kiserian. So, we called the emergency guys today morning and power was restored around noon today. Only to disconnect again at 6.30 up to now. the number we are trying to call 0723963839 belongs to the rongai offices. instead of picking up they disconnect. Why? its an emergency number..Please help us… my girl has been on punishment this whole week due to not doing her homework on time.. its distressing.They are not picking numbers… they are not replying tweets or facebook… please please help us.

  18. who is responsible for our losses whereby power burns everything in house? its 3 days now and no one picks customer care numbers? No power for the past 3 days!

  19. hey am from safaripark view could you please help me to trace the meter number of the token meter whose serial number is 04226025320 along safari park view estate.

  20. My name is vitalis I have approached both Kisumu and ugunja offices to connect us with power since march 2013. Note we have a transformer REF. TX-54869 which is within 600metres radius and I have over 71 applicants who most of them have reference nos.

  21. Hallo my names are juma khamis..just paid my prepaid accout 14251785805.. but was replied that the account was not activated please assist

  22. We as residents of chabera market located in homabay county we have been experiencing power black out for quite some months off and on due to overloaded transformer we have more than 14 posh mills so 1 or 2 phases or line goes off or make transformer fuse to blow please add us another transformer thanks

  23. Hi, I bought token worth kSh 4000 at around 1345 hrs and up to now I have not received my token sms for meter no. 04226573600. Kindly assist I am currently without electricity

  24. I am Virginia a resident of Kasarani my account number is 3095949-01
    Please assist our power has been fluctuating since today morning it comes on and off and when it comes its completely dim.

  25. Please help…bought tokens but inatead of being given the token number, am being told there is a problem with token generation.what shoul i do?? Meter no is 14106626626

  26. PLEASE HELP…ACCOUNT NO IS 2032784-.01
    CONSUM PERIOD 19.2.2016 TO 16.3.2016
    METER READING 29249 TO 29399

    CONSUM PERIOD 16.3.2016 TO 26.4.2016
    METER READING 29399 TO 30185
    AS TODAY 29.4.2016 MY METER READING IS 29581

  27. Please help. My token meter needs to be activated. I buy token via Mpesa and get error message from KPLC saying invalid. I went to Nakuru today and they told me I wait for a message. Upto now it's not active. meter number is 37165240229

  28. I bought token via Mpesa on 1st May and No message came back. My meter no. 04226566653
    Kindly assist

  29. Hi..I have paid my bill via mpesa on wednesday..I have got a confirmation message from Mpesa and Kenya power saying they have credited my account…but my account is still outstanding as they have not credited my account until today..Kindly assist

  30. We have some power issues in my estate its only 5 houses affected the rest have power we have tried to contact kplc but they are not picking up please assist,,i live in umoja one J estate

  31. Hey, I want a new connection of power in my Dad's plot… I have visited a Kplc Branch at Ongata Rongai They've told me its 24,000 i find that to be veery expensive and just heard that the connection fee was dropped to 15,000 is there a way i canbe helped in such a situation???

  32. Hi, I am cynthia from mwingi-tseikuru bought token worth kSh 700/- on 02.04.2016 and i received my token sms for meter no.37150663039 . Kindly assist I am currently using a top up of 100/- which i did after failing.

  33. hey….my meter tripped and i want to know how can i reset it. its showing a sad face and a sign of an incomplete circuit and it is also flashing red. please HELP!!!!

  34. Hi, i need your assistance with my prepaid meter i have paid more than ksh 2000 for the last two weeks and am getting a message to add a certain amount and if i do am told that token generation has failed. i have also tried to reach kplc through phone but in vain. my prepaid meter is 04214752927

  35. How know earth can I spend kshs 4500 to buy token and I get only 41.1??????.. I need help @ ruaraka

  36. What's happening with the conversion of money to units I have topped kshs 250 but only to get 3 units while my friend has topped 400 and got 32 units….what might be the problem

    Kindly check for me MTR no. 14251728045
    I will be so happy if assisted

  37. What's happening with the conversion of money to units I have topped kshs 250 but only to get 3 units while my friend has topped 400 and got 32 units….what might be the problem

    Kindly check for me MTR no. 14251728045
    I will be so happy if assisted

  38. Hi, just had a prepaid meter fitted but the power never came on though I loaded the token. Do I need some sort of other activation for the transition from a postpaid meter?
    Mtr No. 37164610620

  39. seriously what kind of institution do u guys operate on???? our transformer was stolen and its now one week and no one from kplc seems to bother are u employed or are u guys doing charity work for kenyans its good we understand ur status (BCM OR C14 nakuru)

    1. Have you reported the theft to KPLC. If yes, what is the reference number. In my opinion KPLC is one institution with the best customer care.All my queries are dealt with pretty fast.

    2. Hi,
      kindly find the below unused tokens as a result of meter change and assist

      my previous meter was no. 14107537889 which was replaced with meter no.

      1. 2177 1951 3433 8785 0946 14.8 units
      2. 1496 1190 3392 3945 2415 5.0 units
      3. 5104 5146 1628 6854 1438 5.0 units

      kindly re- load these units to meter no. 14282813733.

  40. Hi, am from Kayole 1, there has been a problem with our line since last week, hakuna lights hata kidogo, pliiz help, my Meyer No is 37168339457,thank you

  41. Account Number 0063945 – 01
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    We hereby dispute the bill of KES 55,170.00 imposed for July 2016.

    The house that belongs to my 80 year old Mother has been unoccupied since December last year.

    You are kindly requested to look into this as a matter of urgency so that the Electricity is not disconnected for non-payment.

    I can be contacted on 0722 786666 should you require further clarification.

    Yours sincerely

  42. I have checked my tenant's KPLC statement on Ebill and it shows he owes Shs 57,700 in power bill. His account number is 447832.He however claims his bill is only Shs 12,000. I've previously written to KPLC to disconnect his power, but there has been no action. This same tenant has not paid my rents for 6 months and I'm forced to evict him from my house. What remedy do I have with respect to the outstanding electricity bill?

  43. Hello, I share a token with other three tenants, we buy tokens at randon how can i get the statement to know if the others have topped up?

  44. Hello,i called customer care just some minutes ago explaining to her we dont have lights since yesterday at south b balozi area to be precise roverpark apartments and instead of giving me a response she hangs up?????Seriously i am very very very disappointed and totally pissed off.kindly improve on your customer relations i just needed help was that too diificult ??????

  45. In nchiru market in Meru,lights go off whenever it rains.can i please get a customer care number which unfortunately is not supplied in their this age of mobile phones they should be having one.please help.

  46. I applied for new connection last year September, did the wiring and KPLC employees come and inspected the work and told me to wait for quotation in one months time, but up to now it's one year twow months and have not even recieved a quotation, kwani is it all this difficult to get connected in this Kenya of ours. My application number is E22412015090541. Can you let me know what the problem could be.


  47. Am a kplc customer from Kakamega 2704441-01. We've not had power as from 3rd. Dec. 2016. I've complained to deaf ears at our kakamega office and no one wants me to register officially in their complaints book. Is it fair. Some of us have small businesses that need power eg poshomill, brooders and not forgetting fridges in our homes. KPLC, are you fair?

  48. I applied for prepaid meter on Nov 5th 2016 and till now I have not received anynreponse from them. The day I went to apply the customer care representative was very rude. The account number is 465960-04 Nakuru. Please follow up for me.

  49. my a/c no 2032784.
    given ref no 3244564.
    made several calls to stima plaza
    personally went on 3th floor.
    go home the techicans will come??????????????????from where-HEAVENS??????????????????POOR SERVICES

  50. I have a problem with my consumption of tokens.I use more than 500 weekly which is i think is too much since am rarely in the house. My meter no is 01450596273

  51. Staff that were sent to fix meter 37164370548 in Riverside called me to ask me to send money for buying the meter and other materials.they conned me of 1750.I found out that we are not to pay for anything or buy anything.Susan

  52. Plz am Jacob from kitui county.kplc official came on DEC 2013 and took the fuse.Last month they send a bill of ksh 31000 from 8000.How have they did to come with the bill.meter account number 3909688-01

  53. Plz am Jacob from kitui county.kplc official came on DEC 2013 and took the fuse.Last month they send a bill of ksh 31000 from 8000.How have they did to come with the bill.meter account number 3909688-01


  55. Hello I bought tokens via airtel money three days ago, to date I have not been awarded the tokens. Meter ..01450387053. Please help.

  56. Hi,
    kindly find the below unused tokens as a result of meter change and assist

    my previous meter was no. 14107537889 which was replaced with meter no.

    1. 2177 1951 3433 8785 0946 14.8 units
    2. 1496 1190 3392 3945 2415 5.0 units
    3. 5104 5146 1628 6854 1438 5.0 units

    kindly re- load these units to meter no. 14282813733.

  57. hello,
    I wanted to enquire about the upgrade that Kenya power is doing at the slums specifically kibera,the power lines have been left hanging without (pipes to protect),some of them due to lack of protection have killed pple,and have caused fire.we have tried to contsct the pple concerned but there is nothing thas has been done.

  58. i have made a wrong transaction when buying the tokens , i entered an invalid meter number kindly can u revers the money back coz the second transaction went through 0724365312

  59. i kindly request to know why we have been denied power for the last six years.we have applied individually and also communal. am talking of an area of less than 500 square meters with more than thirty applicants.some contractors and kplc staff have resorted to extorting cash promising to assist but in vain.a senior staff in the same scheme is the only one connected.we are sandwiched in a power connected talking of an arear known as RUAI STAWI SCHEME IN NAYUKI.

  60. Have waited 6 months now and every time i ask them they say we are coming tomorrow to fix i dont trust kplc anymore

  61. Hi, why is it that whenever I try to call those KPLC numbers they never respond. They put you on hold to talk to an assistant and you are charged for that. Every time I cal, 5 bob goes immediately and the more I wait for response they keep taking my airtime. No assistance, nothing at all

  62. Hello….i payed 32500 ksh on 2013 since then iav not seen electricity in my house..i was happy when i heared it has been changed to 15000 only to be told that i was not in that list..until todate i have no electricity and i payed my Money…why do this????

  63. i mistakingly entered wrong meter number while buying tokens two weeks ago, i have contacted KPLC twice they tell me to wait for about four days, its been two weeks now, and their lines are never picked for almost 30mins…can i be helped to recover the money back or not? my meter number is 37181753288, the wrong one i entered was 37181763288

  64. good day, kindly assist on whats happening with token delivery since yesterday… ive bought 3 times the token using mpesa but none has been sent to me …mpesa shows that ive been charged

  65. Hallo am not happy about you kenya power because am not happy with your services have payed electricity bill but i dont have light am living in the dark . please help

  66. Hi am complaing about power issues here in kayole komarocks specific stone city ,we are experiencing power blackout since yesterday morning till now kindly help sort out the issues thanks

  67. bought tokens but i get a message that the amount isnt allowed and i should tender more money.Kindly address the issue

  68. I have bought token through mpesa but am still in the dark the power is not back yet please I need your help my ac no. Is 37182055402

  69. Hi i made payments to prepaid kplc but yet to receive the notification from Kplc. on July 14th OGE9QXICKP for account no. 37187648763.

  70. Some parts of mwolem behind tononoka company don’t have electricity and we depend on the power so pliz fix this problem the transformer keeps tripping u guys come and don’t fix the problem

  71. i kindly need help..transformer..blew yesterday at donholm phase 8…it resumed today…but my avs shows the power is not yet dispays red only…please return or fix the power…so as to continue using your services …one phase is not yet back..please ..please please help me

  72. Hello i need help with this.
    KPLC Token
    Date:2021-07-20 17:05
    Amt Ksh:100.00
    Token Amt:28.04
    Total Debt:50.0
    Fuel Energy Charge:9.23
    Forex Charge:3.24
    EPRA Charge:0.08
    WARMA Charge:0.05
    REP Charge:1.39
    Inflation Adjustment:1.31.

    Why am i getting less units.

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