Kindergartens in Nairobi

Here’s a list of  the Kindergartens in Nairobi. Click on the link of each school to read more details.

Kindergartens in Nairobi


  • Appleton Montessori Kindergarten
  • Lavington Kindergarten
  • Lavington Montessori Kindergarten
  • Crayons Daycare and Kindergarten
  • Kiota School Kindergarten
  • Kiddy Villa Kindergarten
  • International Christian Kindergarten
  • Kensington Kindergarten
  • St. Bakhita Kindergarten
  • Jabali Kindergarten
  • Muthaiga Kindergarten
  • Shani Kito Kindergarten
  • Green Lane Kindergarten
  • Aga Khan Nursery School
  • Silver Oak Kindergarten
  • Kyuna Kindergarten
  • Msingi Bora Kindergarten
  • Barbie Kids Kindergarten
  • Green Acorn Daycare and Kindergarten
  • Nairobi International School Kindergarten
  • Logos Christian School
  • Nuru Kindergarten and Pre-school
  • Potterhouse School and Kindergarten
  • Briarcliff Montessori Primary and Kindergarten
  • Blue View Academy
  • Nairobi International School
  • Iqra Kindergarten
  • All Saints Cathedral Kindergarten
  • Daisy Flower Kindergarten
  • Hopes and Dreams Kindergarten
  • Pink Tower Children House
  • Hummingbird Kindergarten
  • Nairobi Academy Kindergarten
  • Kesington Kindergarten
  • SunnyBrooke Kindergarten
  • Bloomsfield Kindergarten
  • Riverside Farm Nursery School
  • Wonderland Kindergarten
  • Fountain Spring Daycare and Kindergarten
  • Mickey’s Kindergarten
  • Light Academy
  • Key International School
  • Mon Ami Kindergarten
  • Nairobi Waldorf School
  • Catholic Nursery
  • Geojoy Kindergarten
  • Tripple Point Kindergarten
  • Kabete International School
  • Amu Kindergarten Pre-School
  • Shepherds Nursery School
  • My School
  • Kidz Next Door Kindergarten
  • Serare School
  • Fridah Day Nursery School
  • Montessori Learning Center
  • Silver Women Community Based
  • Royal Brain School
  • Eagle Junior School
  • Kinder Gates Academy
  • Spring Favour
  • PCEA Young Achievers School
  • Bunks and Biddles School
  • Arya Nursery School
  • Shani Taji School
  • Waldorf Kindergarten
  • Greengates Kindergarten
  • Brookeside Andy Pandy

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