Kim Kardashian West in Hot Soup for Promoting a Morning Sickness Drug Without Mentioning the Risks

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has sent a warning letter to Kim Kardashian West following an Instagram post she updated recently praising a morning sickness drug, Diclegis. The reality star, currently pregnant with her second child, said in the post that studies had indicated there are no increased risks to the baby.

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According to the FDA, this is not only false and misleading, she also failed to come clean on the risk information. There is no known drug without some risk or side effects; it is therefore against the law to promote a drug without mentioning the risks.

One of Diclegis’ side effects is drowsiness. According to the prescription drug’s website, activities that require complete mental alertness should be avoided until one is cleared by a doctor.

Though it is not illegal to endorse drugs, endorsement standards call for complete disclosure with all the risks being listed in the post. The star’s post has since been taken down and her representative refused to comment on the matter.

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