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Kenya Commercial Bank Contacts | KCB Customer Care Contacts

Here are the Kenya Commercial Banks (KCB)  Contacts for those who want to contact the bank’s customer care.

Kenya Commercial Bank Phone Contacts

Use these numbers to call:


020 3287 000
0711 087 000
0732 187 000

Or send an SMS to 22522

Kenya Commercial Bank Website

Visit the Kenya Commercial Bank Group website through the link.

Image courtesy of KCB

Kenya Commercial Bank Facebook Contacts

You can reach them though their Facebook page by following this link.

Kenya Commercial Bank Twitter Contacts

Another way of contacting  KCB customer care is by sending a tweet through their twitter handle @KCBGroup

Kenya Commercial Bank Postal Address

Contact Centre, Kencom House, City Hall Way, City Centre, Box 48400-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya

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30 thoughts on “Kenya Commercial Bank Contacts | KCB Customer Care Contacts”

    1. I have a VISA Card Issue.
      Card center informed me to follow up with these reference No:    KCB-13465832-P3D0 CRM:0001445.
      Kindly please inform me of the status.

  1. honestly guys i have some queries about this bank but i call those customer wherever number am being redirected to voice wherever useless customer care very useless

  2. There is a guy who has called me and claims to deactivate my account since my mobi account has been dormant. Is he a con or true?

  3. dear i had an KCB account in south sudan and currently am in Mogadishu
    if the the account is still active i want use it. kindly requesting you to check the account


  4. You never know how good or bad a bank is until you have a very minor problem and they are unable to fix it. Then their customer care numbers don't work. Kcb university way is the worst. Horrible!

  5. How long is one supposed to wait to be served at the counter considering I been on the que since 12.27. ?why not engage more cashiers as the numbers are rising and time is of essence?

  6. kindly i would really like to recover my pin number, i forgot it please and it’s quiet agency please help me

  7. My Names are Florence Akinyi Oyulle,my Branch is Mvita but i stay in Switzerland,on 27th may 2019 i send my mum 3000 ksh by western Eunion from swiss all paid evev the fee to reach on 28th 5.2019,but on 28th came a sms at 9.49 that the cash has been recieved by her being its for meant for medication,but when it reached 2pm i called to tell the sms came that she had got the cash But to my suprise he told me she was in kcb siaya and it shows the cash is there but she’s to go to postbank,when she went to post bank she was told the cash was recieved in kcb siaya,so she was told to go back there,but when she reached kcb the same person told her cash is detain she has to open an account 1st so as to get cash from western eunion which isn’t true,so the postbank had called the kcb branch manager,later the forced to give my mum the cash ,but he went as far as deducting 200shs that he’s opening an accout for my mum with no reciept.surely after staying the whole day waiting for this cash,the man tried to conn this old lady the counter man in Siaya Kenya commercial Bank.l need the 200shs to be given back to my mum Tel 0719600254 Elseba Awuor Oyulle,western eunion code was 063 810 1529,Am very bitter about that,Thats very wrong to treat a old lady like that and also its lettingbthe Western Eunion sector in Kenya down and also bad name to The Kenya Commercial Bank Staffs am very dissappointed. Bye pls Consider

  8. I did a deposit transaction of 2,000 at a KCB mtaani agent on the 26th of May in Eldoret to Account no 1236449762 and was given a reciept.
    It has come to my attention that said transaction was reversed without notice to me and the reversal transaction charged. My account was debited an ammount of 2,120 for reasons unknown. Kindly provide me with a reasonable explanation as to why a valid transaction with a reciept issued was reversed and my account charged while the agent remained with my cash.

  9. Wanted to confirm if this financial year dividends cheques were sent to the respective shareholders please.

  10. Hi, SAWA here. I am trying to link my bank to an online payment but it is saying I check with my issuing bank. My client has already paid and I have the option for “Send money to your local bank” and “Paypal”. Tried linking my card with paypal but it doesn’t seem to work. Kindly assist, thank you.

  11. Greetings;
    I visited kcb kilifi branch on 29th october to open business account in the nama of DALF GENERAL SUPPLIES LTD; upto now i haven’t received the account number; whenever i visit  am being told head office are the ones delaying the process; 
    Kindly assist in closing up the process.


  12. Hey, i have known KCB as my best bank but yesterday I was totally disappointed. I wanted to deposit money over the counter for my Company’s water bill Payment. to use the counter you have to wait for about 20min outside and another 20min inside, reaching the counter the Teller Clerk just tell you you can only do it at the agent as if I didn’t know that they existed. Ruiru branch that was rude.. I had my reasons as to why I didn’t want an agent. Next time????? This agents sometimes get back on us. we don’t always have to use them. Don’t force us to use them. We take our time ,yes, but give us the services whenever we come asking for them.

  13. my name is peter mutemwa, on monday 5/07/2021 paid 81,735 and went to a wrong kcb mpesa wrong number, on realising the mistake i called kcb mpesa care who promise to revierse the same withi 72 hrs. On frinday there was no communications from the bank. I called again on Saturday to inquire about the progress, i was told that they got permissino from the bank to reverse and that they are on process to reverse the money.
    On monday no communications i later contact kcb mpesa whatssapp but to my suprise i was told the money was utulised .
    Can kbc ceo intervine and help me recocer my money please

    my cell phone is 0715849909

  14. KCB Kindly respond to emails and enquiries when you insist we visit your nearest branch you assume everyone is in your home country.

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