Jumia Kenya TVs at Unbelievable Prices

There’s a promotion on Jumia Kenya for TVs, Cameras and other electronics that you just can’t afford to miss.

http://c.jumia.io/?a=59&c=9&p=r&E=kkYNyk2M4sk%3d&ckmrdr=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jumia.co.ke%2Fvideo-audio%2F&s1=TVs%20and%20electronics&utm_source=cake&utm_medium=affiliation&utm_campaign=59&utm_term=TVs and electronics

Among the items being promoted before the Jumia Mobile Week arrives are LED TVs, Smart TVs, receivers and accessories, gaming devices and accessories, cameras, camcorders, speakers and other audio devices.

Do check out the TVs, Cameras and Electronics page on Jumia Kenya Website.

Remember also that the Mobile Week Starts on 24th of this month and you’ll get a chance to walk away with your favorite smartphone at the lowest price you can get the entire year. The flash sales are especially famous for their crazy and unbeatable discounts.

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