Jumia Birthday Party Flash Sales for 6th April, 2016

12:00 PM Flash Sale
Bruhm 39″ Smart TV Flash Sale
Today’s first flash sale is this 39″ Smart LED TV. The bad boy that normally trades for Ksh. 42,995 is down by a whooping 65% discount at just Ksh. 14,999. This is a deal to die for, I swear!!! As you can expect, there will not be enough to go round for everyone. What that means is that the TV is expected to sell out in seconds. Will you be the lucky few? Only time can tell. Plus you lose nothing from trying, right? Click the image above to watch the countdown or See Deal Here…
Other Flash Deals
If you missed out on the TV deal, here are other deals you should be looking out for. The next one takes place at 4:00 PM and features a Binatone Kettle that will be going for just Ksh. 999.
All Flash Deals

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