Jumia Birthday Party Flash Sales for 5th April, 2016

Here is a list of the Flash sales available for today.

4:00 PM Flash Sale

4 pm Flash Sale

This one is all about Bata. You get to buy your favorite Bata shoe for half the price. The sale starts at 4:00 pm. Do not miss out!!!

12:00 PM Flash Sale
12:00 Pm Flash Sale
This is a huge one! A whooping 63% discount on this Saturn Microwave. Going for just Ksh. 2,999 from the list price of Ksh. 8,000, it is definitely worth looking into. The clock starts ticking at 12:00 PM and with the high demand and a few microwaves to go round, it is expected to end is less than one minute. Click on the image to see how many minutes are remaining. See Sale Here…


Other Flash Sales
Here are the other exciting sales coming up today and in the next 2 days…
Flash Sales

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