Inforgraphic: 10 Foods to Eat Once a Week

Some foods are ‘more equal than others.’ To stay at your optimum health, you need to choose what you put on your plate wisely.

But before we dive into the 10 foods that you should eat at least once a week, here are my favorite healthy eating tips…

  • Single serving snacks

To monitor your potion sizes, opt for single serving snacks. This prevents you from overeating. Normally when you have a large bag, you are tempted to eat more than you need.

  • Thermogenic food

Eating thermogenic food can actually help you lose weight. High protein diet for example needs a lot of energy to digest. This burns calories. This is known as the thermogenic effect of food. 30% of the calories in protein is spent in the digestion of the food.

Fiber and complex carbs also have the same effect on the body and are therefore recommended.

  • Avoid low-carb diets

I’ve heard very many people claim that to lose weight fast, you need to eliminate carbs from your diet. The problem with cutting out the carbs is that it messes with your metabolic rate. Carohydrated are needed to fuel the body’s system. They are even necessary if one is to lose weight by burning the calories.

This energy is needed more if your weight loss program involves strength training.If you are worried that you cannot control your intake of high calorie foods, invest in a good appetite suppressant that will control your hunger and increase your metabolism.

  • Eat the super foods listed below at least once each week

Fruits, greens and grains are some of the best foods you will find around. They come packed in fiber, nutrients and overall goodness. The infographic below by right@home says it all.


10 foods to eat once a week


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