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Infographic: The Health Benefits of the Lemon Fruit

It is impossible to talk about home remedies without mentioning lemons. From cleaning, polishing, making essence, preservation, using as antiseptic, to preventing and curing colds, lemons have many uses around the house.

Nature has a way of protecting hidden gems to ensure that they do not go extinct. Awful smells, strong bitter tastes and larger than life thorns are just some ways medicinal plants protect themselves from animals and humans given their healing properties and their demand. The lemon plant tries with its strong acidic taste and the very sharp thorns, but learn to outmaneuver your way around the tree to avoid being pricked and stand the acidic taste, and you will reap many healthy benefits from this fruit.

Unlike other herbs that target a particular system in the body, lemons are beneficial to almost all the systems that keep your body running smoothly. It is good for the skin, liver, blood, brains, bones as well as the airways.

In the infographic below, we look at how the lemon fruit benefits the different systems in your body.

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