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IMDB Desperate Housewives

if there is one show I miss so desperately, it is desperate
housewives.I first watched it in 2008 and I was obsessed. I followed
each and every season holding my breath episode by episode. I walked up
and down wisteria lane, experiencing the drama, discovering the secrets,
dealing with the relationship issues, weeping to the sadness and
smiling back at the happy faces of the ladies on the lane.

Desperate housewives

is the mother of one who, has just divorced from her husband Carl. She
is a sweet and very naive artist who cannot cook to save her life. With
all her clumsiness and the mess she leaves in her wake, you cannot help
but fall in love with her.

Gaby is a spoilt brat. Married to a
successful businessman, the former model is very self absorbed and
shallow. With her husband away most of the time on business, she needs
to keep herself busy and entertained.

Lynette is a mother of
four. She left a promising career as an advertising executive to be
stay-at-home mum. She is however obsessed with being in control.

is a complete freak; an obsessively perfect housewife who would do
anything to protect her reputation and that of the ones close to her.
She is ruthless.

All women live different lives, different
characters and love different things, but there is one thing they all
have in common; they all have secrets. Their lives look perfect from the
outside, but get to know them and you’ll know that things are never as
they seem.

The show is very well written, and the directing is superb.

If you would like to get desperate housewives season after season, then here are seasons one, two and three.

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