I Bought Bad and Smelly Milk, Customers Complain

Women all over the country are complaining on social media about the milk being sold in local supermarkets. Most have said that for the last few weeks, they have bought milk only to have it go bad or have a nasty smell when served. The brands that seem to be mentioned by many are Daima and Fresha brands.

Are we buying poison in our supermarkets

In the last few months, all major supermarkets have adopted the ATM milk sections and this milk has raised much concern to customers. Though the milk seems normal and tastes on when fresh, try fermenting it and you’ll understand that you’ve been drinking poison all along. Instead of having the characteristic acidic smell and taste associated with good sour milk, ATM milk turns bitter and smells awful when fermented.

This is because traders have been adding poisonous substances to the milk like formalin and hydrogen peroxide to increase its shelf life. This substances are poisonous and could lead to short term and long term health problems.

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