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How to Withdraw Paypal Money in Kenya

For years, Kenyans working online have had a very hard time receiving their hard earned monies. Though they could receive payments to their paypal account, it was almost impossible to withdraw paypal money in Kenya. As a matter of fact, there was no legal and legitimate method of withdrawing paypal money in Kenya until recently; the services that were available were third party companies that are in fact prohibited and against paypal’s terms of service and also very expensive. Then enter Equity bank, the only legitimate method that allows you to withdraw paypal money in Kenya straight to your bank account at affordable rates.

Equity is known for revolutionizing the banking industry in Kenya. It leads, and others follow. Withdrawing paypal money in Kenya is no different; as expected, Equity bank was the first to offer this life saving service to freelance writers, bloggers and online marketers in Kenya.

How to Withdraw Paypal Money in Kenya

help online workers withdraw funds from their PayPal account to their Kenyan bank
account, Equity Bank partnered with Paypal and created the Bank’s
PayPal withdraw service.

The service requires one to hold a personal or business  bank account with
the Equity Bank.

Activating the service is easy as pie; one only needs to follow these three easy steps:

a business or personal account at Equity Bank. To do this, you will require an original and a copy of your national ID. Account registration can take place at any Equity Bank branch or Equity Kwa Jirani agent near you.
2.You also need to be signed up with Paypal where you will be receiving payment from sale of good or services from around the world.
3.Follow these steps outlined here to connect your bank and your Paypal account as well as to withdraw Paypal money in Kenya.

The cash takes 5-8 business days to reflect in your bank account. A small fee is charged by Equity
Bank depending on the fund amount withdrawn. Currency
conversion apply.

The partnership between telecommunication company Safaricom and the largest online money transfer company PayPal has eased things for those people who do online transactions. Withdrawals from PayPal to M-Pesa are now officially possible. The new service is operated by Transfer To, a B2B mobile payment company.  Below is a comprehensive procedure on how transfer money from mpesa paybill to paypal or rather vice versa.

paypal to mpesa withdrawal procedure

Now, Lets look at the PayPal & Mpesa Registration process

  • Make sure you have a Paypal and mpesa account
  • Then visit PayPal and m-pesa website:
  • Login to your PayPal Account
  • A pop up box will appear
  • Enter your m-pesa mobile number and click link you accounts
  • You’ll receive a confirmation code via SMS
  • Enter the Code and confirm
  • And that is it
  • You have now registered and linked your PayPal and
    m-pesa accounts.

Procedure on how to withdraw from PayPal to Mpesa.

  • Once you have linked the accounts, Now go back to the PayPal mpesa homepage and click on withdraw from PayPal
  • You will see your available PayPal balance in dollars
  • Enter the amount you would wish to withdraw and click continue withdraw
  • You will see the amount converted in Kenyan shillings as well as the estimated time by which the money will be transferred to your m-pesa account.
  • Click Confirm

Depositing money from Mpesa to PayPal.

  • Go to your safaricom account
  • Then select lipa na mpesa
  • Go to Paybill menu menu
  • Go to Enter business number
  • Enter paybill number 800088
  • Then click on account number and enter your mobile number
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer
  • Enter you mpesa pin
  • That is it
  • You will receive the money in your PayPal account within a few hours.

Official websites for both partners.

If you have any queries, simply contact the Equity Bank call center on + 254 20 2744000, +254 711 025000, +254 734 108000 or send an email to

You can also deposit funds from mpesa to your equity bank account by following the steps in this post.

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