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How to Withdraw Money from KCB to Mpesa

There are different ways of withdrawing money from your KCB account. You can do it over the counter use an ATM Machine or simply send your money to Mpesa.  In this post, we look at how you withdraw money from KCB to Mpesa.

KCB Mobile Banking
  • Dial *522#
  • Enter KCB Mobile Banking PIN
  • Select ‘Send to Mpesa’
  • Select ‘Own Number’ or ‘Another Number’
  • Select ‘Savings’
  • Enter the Number you wish to transfer the Money to
  • Enter the Amount you wish to send to Mpesa
  • Confirm transaction

It is as easy as that.

Note: Safaricom charges apply. It will ultimately cost you more. The convenience you get with this service is however, at times worth a lot more than the extra cost.

How to also pay for GOTV through Mpesa.

19 thoughts on “How to Withdraw Money from KCB to Mpesa”

  1. it has only one option i.e M-Benki on opening a KCB mobile account?????This does not help to withdraw money form ones account to M-pesa. Banki saidia!!!

  2. Before using that option of *522# u must av visited any kcb bank branch with ur original Id card in order to link ur account number with ur specific mobile phone number which will be authorised to do the withdrawals

  3. Been trying to transfer from my KCB account to my Mpesa but hitting snag when asking that I select from account option yet shows my name?…. What exactly am I supposed to fill in that?

  4. I want to withdraw money from kcb account to m-pesa but I don't know about mobile banking pin or how to get it. Please, advise.

  5. i wanted to withdraw money frm my kcb ac 2 mpesa, after dealing *522# it does not have the option of send to mpesa, pls help

  6. I deposited money through mpesa to pepea kcb on 12/10/17.Money never reflected on the account. Called kcb severally, no help seems forthcoming. Frustrated.

  7. Why do they say M-Benki yet they dont provide simple and efficient way of transaction.The so called Dial *522# has no option of withdraw from Mpesa.

  8. The new KCB update in regards to transferring money from KCB account to M pesa is not user friendly. It is relatively difficult to function. It’s been 5 days and I am still unable to navigate your new update.

    Can someone update the steps to transfer money to Mpesa. Because on my end, it takes me to register to vooma and once I do it notifies me that I am unable to register.

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