How to Use Manual Breastpump

Most modern moms use electric breast pumps because they are fast and easy to use. But this does that mean that working mums who are away from their babies for long cannot use manual breast pumps? No, it does not. I bought a Phillips avent manual breast pump way before I went back to work. I wanted to practice as well as relieve my swollen breasts for I had so much milk. I ended up liking the pump so much that I did not see the need to upgrade to an electric one once I went back to work.

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Breast Milk Vs. Formula

Before we go into details on the working of a breast pump, many may wonder would not be easier to just use formula to feed their babies. It is important to note that as much as formula has been processed to provide the baby with the required nutrients in a form that is friendly to the baby’s young tummy, nothing can ever beat breast milk.

Nursing comes with a number of benefits to both the mother and the baby. The benefit on top of the list is that it is free and God given. It comes in the right temperate, the perfect packaging, and is available is exactly the right amount your baby needs.

It is all the food a baby needs for the first six months of its life. Full of protein, fats and anti-bodies, it not only quenches and satisfies the baby, it also provides her with a healthy immunity to prevent diseases.

When a mother nurses her baby, there is a bond that is created that is so strong. This is why babies prefer their mothers when they are upset, tired or scared. Nursing soothes them.

When a Breast Pump Comes in Handy

That said, it is not always possible to have your baby wherever you go. Some women go back to work after the first three months. Stay at home mums also have to run errands every now and then. This is where a breast pump comes in handy. It ensures that your baby has food even when you are away.

Though there are several types of pumps that you can choose from, manual hand pumps are the cheapest. I must warn you though; the pumping action can be uncomfortable for the wrist at first. But do not worry because it gets better with time. Sitting comfortably is the best position for pumping. You need to be well relaxed.

Almost all breast pumps available in the market come in parts to make cleaning easier. Do follow the manufacturer’s instructions to put the pump together. Now put your nipple into the mouth of the pump pressing gently to ensure that there is no space where air can pass through. This will ensure that the vacuum created when you stand pumping with your hands lead to the flow of the milk.

The best quality of the manual option is that it is very easy for one to control speed, and suction. This allows you to best imitate how your baby suckles or the most comfortable suction.

Keep it Clean and Sterilized

Most breast pumps have a soft cushion that acts like a massager to help increase the flow by mimicking the way a baby would suck. When you are done pumping, you can take the pump apart is clean it in warm soapy water or you can put it in the fridge if you need to use it in a few hours. Just ensure that you clean all the parts individually and let them dry because milk gone bad can be very bad when it comes to rearing bacteria. I found it safe to sanitize the pump once every day.


Milk Storage

Did you know that you can store breast-milk for;

  • 24 hours in a refrigerator
  • up to six months in a refrigerator freezer
  • up to one year in a deep freezer

You should never refreeze breast milk after thawing though. There are quality milk storage containers in the market today.

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