How to Make Plum Jam

When they are in season, plums fruits are usually in abundance. We get them very cheaply. I especially love the green not so ripe ones. I find the acidity irresistible. I once had so many of the fruits in the house and decided to make jam and my husband loved it. He brought me a whole paper bag of them every week after that begging me to make some more. Here’s how I did it.
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  • 4 glasses of plums
  • 2 glasses of sugar
  • Half a glass of lemon juice


  1. I normally start by washing the fruits as I remove the twigs and leaves
  2. I then cover them with water and bring to heat.
  3. I boil the plums for 10 minutes
  4. Remove from the boil and rinse in cold water
  5. I then leave them to cool in cold water adding ice cubes to quicken the process
  6. This will make it easy for the skin to be peeled off which I do and then remove the stones
  7. I put the fleshy remains in a pan and simmer over low heat while stirring constantly.
  8. When the fruits become a thick consistency, I add the sugar and continue stirring.
  9. The final step is to add the lemon. It acts as a preservative and it helps the fruit to not turn black
  10. What remains is cooling after which I transfer the jam into a clean dry jar
  11. I usually keep the jam in the fridge to prevent it from going bad, but we consume it pretty fast. Or should I say my husband does? 馃檪

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