How to Lose Belly Fat with Tummy Trimmer in Kenya

After pregnancy, it takes the body sometime to shed the extra weight. While some women find the battle easy, others have a harder time attaining their pre-pregnancy weight, while some unlucky ones never go back to their original sizes.

Connate Tummy Trimmer

While the increase in the breast cup and a little junk in the trunk is a welcome change for most, many women will agree that the most troublesome area is the belly. Belly fat lingers the longest and this can be very frustrating. In this post we look at how a modern mom can lose belly fat easily and naturally in Kenya using a tummy trimmer.


Like the name suggests, the tummy trimmer is an exercise accessory whose role is to tone the abdominal muscles giving you a toned and flat tummy. It is easy to use and very effective when it comes to trimming the waist. The best thing about this versatile equipment is that it can be used in anywhere and requires minimum space. You can therefore exercise as you watch your favourite TV show right on your living room floor.

Unique Features

  •  It flattens the tummy and trims the waist in a matter of days
  • Firms arms, and chest
  • Tones thighs and hips
  • Has a quality steel coil pull-up bar
  • Low tension tube system; single for women and double for men
  • Rubber tube pull up bar
  • Portable and very light
  • The tubes are fully adjustable and washable
Tummy Trimmer in Action

How the Connate Tummy Trimmer Works

While lying on your back, wiggle your feet into the pedals and pull using your abdominal muscles like shown in the image above. Stretch as far as you can go and then go back to your original position and do it again. By using your tummy muscles to do the pulling, you work the area between your bust all the way to your lower tummy. Strengthening these muscles tones your tummy and makes it flat.

The pulling action also works on your arms, thighs and butt. The result is a sexier and leaner body.

The Pros of the Tummy Trimmer

  • Firms, tightens and tones legs, thighs, bum and tummy
  • Impacts free motion
  • It is both an aerobic as well as a strength training equipment
  • It tightens abdominals‎‎
  • It strengthens back muscles‎

Check out the Connate Tummy Trimmer on Jumia to view more details. You can order and have it delivered to your office of doorstep anywhere in Kenya. There is a pay on delivery option.

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