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How to Apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

Obtaining the certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya is pretty easy. All you need is yourself, your national identity card, Ksh. 1,000, about an hour of your time (if in Nairobi) to rush to the CID headquarters and a three weeks waiting period.

Certificate of good conduct is a requirement in almost all government institutions and as well as none government institutions when seeking for certain services or hunting for job.
The certificate of good conduct confirms that the holder has not engaged in criminal activities for the preceding 6 months and has not served any jail term.

Requirements to acquire certificate of good conduct for Kenyans.

  • You must be 18 years and above to apply for one.
  • You must be having a second generation national Identity Card.
  • A clear photocopy of the national ID is as well needed.
  • If  below 18 years of age, one must have an original birth certificate and a clear copy of the birth certificate.
  • Fee of Kshs 1,050 .
  • Your fingerprints should be visible i.e not interfered with.
  • From eCitizen portal, you need to download and print two copies of the invoice.
  • You are required to also download and print fingerprint form (C24) from eCitizen portal.

Requirements to acquire certificate of good contact for foreigners.

  • A letter explaining clearly the need of the certificate
  • A fee of 38 euros
  • Original and copy of the passport

Who can be given a certificate of conduct?

Certificate of good conduct is issued to Kenyans residing in the country, Kenyans residing in foreign countries, foreign citizens not aliens or refugees, and foreign citizens (who are aliens and refugees in Kenya)

How long does the certificate of good conduct take before it is provided?

A certificate of good conduct in all parts of Kenya takes one to two weeks to be provided to a person who has applied.

Below are the steps you need to take:

kenya police certificate of good conduct

Things you will need

  • Just Yourself (for the finger prints, of course)
  • National Identity card. Do not bother making a copy; you will do this at the CID offices because they have a particular way of printing the copy is such a way that the finger prints are legible.
  • Ksh. 1,000 for processing
  • An extra Ksh. 10 for the photocopy. It does not hurt to bring more coins for the boiled maize, pineapple or a banana at the gate on your way out.
  • A blue pen
  • Tissue or wet wipes to wipe your fingers after you are done. There is a stern warning that if you smudge the walls you will pay for the repainting.

Steps for Applying a Certificate of Good Conduct in Nairobi

  • Make your way to Odeon and board a Matatu number 100. They are outside Tuskys just opposite KCB Tom Mboya branch.
  • Alight at the CID headquarters, Kiambu Road. It is the next stage after Muthaiga junction
  • A few yard into the premises, turn right. You will see a sign indicating where you need to turn
  • The first stop is the Cash office where you need to pay the Ksh 1,000. You will be issued with a receipt and on it is the collection date.
  • You will then be directed inside where you will make copies of the receipt and the ID card.
  • The next stop is where you present your copies to a guy seated near the wall to the right to get the application form. This guy will also staple the form, original copy of the receipt and your ID’s copy together
  • Sit on a bench and wait for roughly three minutes while you write your name on the form and the ID number
  • Another guy will come, take the forms and instruct you to line up for the finger prints to be taken
  • The last stop is the form’s submission. The form is stamped and so is your copy of the receipt.

If you were applying for a job, you can now take the receipt to your employer as you wait for the certificate in exactly 3 weeks. Now wipe your fingers, buy boiled maize (mutungo) on your way out and have a lovely day.

Apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct Online (for Nairobi and its Environs)

You can apply for the Good Conduct certificate and pay for it online. Payments can be made via mobile money, debit and credit Cards.

Steps of application

  • Log into your ecitizen account
  • Click on ‘Get Service Now’ under the Directorate of Criminal Investigations tab.
  • Select the applicable age (adult or below 18 yrs), read the instructions carefully then fill the application form.
  • Select the mode of payment and pay for the police Clearance. The charges are 1050/=
  • Download and print two(2) copies of your invoice, and one copy of your C24 on both sides of an A4 paper
    Present the C24 and invoives with an original National ID for adults and Original Birth Certificate for minors, to huduma centre for finger print processing
  • During the submission you need the following: TWO copies of the invoice you get after paying online and ONE copy of the downloaded C24 printed on Both sides of an A4 paper.
  • You need to go in person to have your finger prints taken.
  • Original Identity card and its Photocopy or Birth Certificate & its copy for applicants under 18 years.
    You must also allow your fingerprints and palm prints to be recorded on the C24 form
  • Ensure you are using your own eCitizen account while applying for the Good Conduct Certificate. Applications made on behalf of others will be automatically rejected.
  • During submission you must carry with you the original documents and photocopies of the same.
  • Once your Certificate is ready, you’ll receive an SMS directing you on how to get and download it.

Steps for Applying for Good Conduct Certificate Outside Nairobi…

  1. Visit your divisional CID Offices. If you do not know where they are, you can always ask at your nearest police station
  2.  You will need your original ID and 1000 Kenyan shillings for processing.
  3. Make the payment and get a receipt before proceeding to the photocopy and fingerprinting centers.
  4. At the end, you will be given a copy of the receipt with the collection date. Use this receipt to collect your certificate.

For more information, Visit

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54 thoughts on “How to Apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya”

    1. Yes. It is only valid for one year. The reason for this is that a lot can happen in one year. You can become The Most Wanted Criminal in just an year. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the same reflects on your certificate, don't you think? 🙂

  1. If someone is Kenyan born and his mother father is Kenyan citizen and they apply his citizen when he was aunder 18year and some how the time he got his citizen and he become over 18year now immigration need his good conduct certificate and he don't have national identity card and department of immigration issue for him an temporarily document as his identity can he use that document to get his good conduct certificate kindly advise

  2. I applied for certificate 3wks ago… But on the receipt they av idicated that im suposst to collect 28th which 4wks from the date of application…. On ur system I can see its 3wks… their a probability of it being ready today.. I go to check?? Its needed urgently….. How can u help me?

  3. Update this Blog. the process has changed dramatically. You can't just go show yourself at CID HQs…you need an ecitizen account and pay by MPESA.

  4. good morning.
    if required to do Malindi change anything? from what the police station told me I nead to send my passapoero ID and residence in original to Nairobi police HQ, you can confirm this.

  5. What do you do when you just lost one?
    I collected mine today but I have unfortunately lost it with all the attachments i.e. the invoice & the finger print forms I guess. Can I have one re-generated instead of going through the whole process all over again?

  6. To whom it may concern,

    I am Burundian by Nationality and I lived in Kenya where I did part of my studies. I am currently residing in Burundi and I was in need of the Police Clearance Certificate and so I was wondering if I can apply for this document online or I have to travel to Kenya in order to obtain it.

    Please advise me and thank you in advance for your reply.



  7. Good Afternoon,

    I applied for a certificate of good conduct for myself on 02nd Nov 2016 which is 3 weeks now.
    i have not gotten it yet but why is it that a person applied on 8th Nov 2016 and has already gotten his certificate? do i have to bribe to get mine fast?

  8. Dear Sir,

    I and my wife had spent more than 6 months in Kenya and thus need Police clearance certificate. We have all documents except for Aliens Card or work permit(as I am employed by Indian company working in Kenya and I attended Kenya for meetings / consultancy only. I did not work there or draw any income there). Unfortunately this was 5 years old when we exit Kenya and Aliens card is lost.

    Request your guidance / advise to obtain PCC as we need this urgently for Canada PR purposes

    Thanks & Regards

    Vaibhav Pruthi

  9. For those who are not in Nairobi, can't they apply online and visit the Divisional CID headquarters for finger prints?

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