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Complete eCitizen Portal Application | How to Register for eCitizen

In this post, we discuss how to Complete eCitizen Portal Application or registration. It is easy as pie.

The ecitizen portal is what I like to call the home of convenience. For years, the government offices have been notorious for slow service delivery and frustrations. But not anymore.

In this digital era, things are becoming easier and easier y the day. Remember when you had to queue for hours at KRA offices just to renew your license?

ECitizen portal bring several services to your house or office; Justice, transport, lands and housing as well as the immigration department.

eCitizen Portal

Do you need to renew your license or book for a driving test? ECitizen portal has got you covered. Do you need to register a business name, apply for a passport or do a land search? E-portal has got you covered as well. You make the payments through the mobile phone and you can download the forms and the relevant documents from your computer.

Registration is free and easy. All you need is your ID card number, mobile phone number and a soft copy of your recent passport photo.

 To Complete eCitizen Portal Application/Registration

  1. Visit and enter your ID Number and your first name then click verify
  2. Enter your email address, the password you’d like to use, agree to the terms and press ‘Continue’
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link provided to activate your account
  4. Enter
    your mobile phone number and click on ‘Send Verification Code’. Enter
    the code you receive on your phone and click on ‘Verify’
  5. Upload your recent passport photo and press ‘Continue’
  6. You will now be directed to the eCitizen portal dashboard where you can select that service that you need to access from the government departments.

Visit this link to also learn how to file tax returns online.

154 thoughts on “Complete eCitizen Portal Application | How to Register for eCitizen”

  1. Hi my ID no is 10422893 i tried to open an account so i could access services but i could complete the process the gmail could not open my e-mail saying it does not recongnise my address so trying to open another account it says my ID has already being used kindly need assistance i'm in Bungoma county

      1. I have been registered on e citizen and am not aware. I want to do my registration but my Id is already registered with my email but different password and phone number

  2. hi. i"m trying to renew my driving licence but when i reach the apply stage am getting a message saying "failed that i dont have any details in my account|"

  3. I'm trying to register but it's saying: "Error! We cannot validate ID numbers at this time, please try again in a few minutes."

    1. I’m trying to register but it’s saying: “Error! We cannot validate ID numbers at this time, please try again in a few minutes.”


  5. Hi I am trying to enter my number for a verification SMS and its not accepting its giving this error "Error! Error Sending SMS Message"

    1. you are already registered use you ID/Email and your password to login or if you don't know your password just recover using "forgot password option"

  6. After I enter my ID number it keeps telling me that it's not recognised and i should visit nyayo house..

  7. Kindly help me know how to put postal address in my ecitizen profile..Trying to fill but everytime recording an error

  8. Since yesterday I am getting this message Error! We cannot validate ID numbers at this time, please try again in a few minutes. How can I register as a new user on Ecitizen portal? Pls assist

  9. I've been trying to get my phone number verified since last night, no dice yet. There should be a fallback step in case the phone number verification part fails since phone numbers can be discarded by users rather quickly. This section of creating the account shouldn't be keeping users from accessing important activities that have an impact on their lives.

  10. I keep getting an error telling me to select a photo less than 2 MB when my photo is less than 1 MB in size. How can I fix this error?

  11. I've created an account and waited since yesterday for an email (even checked spam folder) to verify email but I still haven't received it. If I select the resend button, this error is returned – Error in exception handler.

  12. Hi. I'm trying to register as a Kenyan citizen as I need to urgently renew my Kenyan passport. It's saying my ID is already in use. What is happening here!?

  13. Is there a problem with the mobile number verification service? I have been waiting for verification code since yesterday and my phone has been receiving sms from everyone apart from e-citizen. Is there a way around it?

  14. Error! We cannot validate ID numbers at this time, please try again in a few minutes. This is the feedback am getting when i try to create an account.What could be the problem?????

  15. Hi! I entered my ID and my full name as mentioned in the national ID. It says " we cannot find a match for your ID number and name combination". Kindly guide.

  16. Hi, I applied a birth certificate for my daughter but the approval is in queued status for the last four days. Help.

  17. I cannot create an account since it keeps on saying 'We cannot find the ID number,please try again later'.
    Its been like this for days.Can someone please help.

  18. Hi, I'm still getting same error, id has been used !! I wonder why such trouble shoots are not available on the pertal since many are facing the same problem, I think the portal has to be updated!

  19. I am a kenyan in the diaspora, and obviously i have not kept my kenyan cell number. I find it somewhat funny that the eCitizen Portal does not recognize the cell number of the country i'm residing.

  20. Hi, I tried renewing my license but due to another one which I tried earlier but didn't go through, it's telling me that i must untill current service is epired.
    What should I do

  21. One of my friend registered my ID in the ecitizen and now he has passed away suddenly. Unfortunately, not only I do not have the login password but the registered mobile number and the email address also do not belong to me.
    Can you please delete the account so that I can register myself afresh? Otherwise, please suggest the way forward.
    Thanks a lot in advance for your kind co-operation.

  22. I have an issue with new id issue getting error "We cannot find the ID number, please try again later" please assist how we resolve this error.

  23. Hi, Am applying for a new passport using my e-citizen account. I filled in all the fields but my submission keeps getting an error message yet it shows no highlights indicating where the error is. Anyone know how to go about it?

  24. I am trying to renew passport. When I reach the section for next of keen, I have enetered all correct info in the feilds and tripple checked but keep receiving this error.

    Errors have been highlighted below.


    Watu wa familia wa karibu wakufahamishwa dharura inapotokea"

    How can this be resolved?

  25. Can someone respond to us on the verfication code? I have been waiting for it for days and I cannot renew my drivers license?

  26. Hi, my E citizen account was opened at a cyber when i was applying for a driving licence but i lost the email adress i used to open the account how can i access my ecitizen account without the email address i used?

  27. how to upload a photo on my e citizen account, looks somebody hacked my account and deleted my profile photo. kinky assist.

  28. I have NOT received the "verify code" that is supposed to be sent to my phone. I have tried several phone numbers (kenyan, french, etc.). I have sent a email to but no reply received.
    Please advise as I am stuck at this step and can't access my account…
    Thank you for your help

  29. My verification code did not go through and after refreshing I lost that part for entering verification code, every time I try to log in I'm told either my password or user name is wrong, assist please.

  30. I linked my business using the e-citizen portal but it still shows the status as " review".it's 6 days now.should i still wait or what? I dont understand what is going on.Kindly help.

  31. Hello can you please help me
    The email and the phone number i used..i lost it and now i cant renew it after it got expired since they send the new password in th email i no longer have

  32. Hello can you please help me
    The email and the phone number i used..i lost it and now i cant renew it after it got expired since they send the new password in th email i no longer have

    1. Exactly having the same problem. When you click on my account, it logs you out. The system is scattered with errors.

  33. How does one change their profile details or even delete the whole account and start afresh please? There seems to be no option to change your profile details on your account.

  34. Hi Iam trying to create an account but each time I am told a wrong email adress format. How do I do about it?

  35. How do you solve the problem "cannot lookup id numbers at this time" which pops up after validating id number and name?

  36. I forgot my password and can't reset it.. It says whooops, something went wrong' all the time.. What to do now?

  37. hi, my name is JOhn wangui, id no 33048201, I cant get the ecitizen service since am being told that the user name does not match the password, the phone number I had used that time is no longer in use, the email address that was used was for the cyberattendant who served me. kindly assist me and i will appreciate. right now i would request any details to be sent through email address

  38. Good afternoon,
    I am John Gichuru Wangui id NO. 33048201, I have gone to a cyber and we have created a user name and pass word so that i can log in to my page so that i can apply for good conduct, and I try to log in am told that the user name is incorrect, yet I have created it right now. As i try to say reset password, the phone number and the email address that appears are not not mine,, yet I have never logged into ecitizen. Kindly assist me since am stranded.

  39. I can log into the ecitizen portal with my password. I want to change my registered telefon number and email address as well as my password. Where on my profile van I do it

  40. Hi. Am Esther Nderitu and i have tried to create an account with e-citizen but they are saying that my ID already exists and i have never registered before

  41. i started ecitizen account application but i did not verify coz it delayed to produce a verification code and when i try it for again to create new account it fails telling an id number already used yet i didn't finish the application. thanks my phone number: 0783309087 email:

  42. Hello. I am trying to sign up for eCitizen but whenever i input my email address, it keeps on denying it stating "invalid email format" yet my email is very okay. Kindly assist

  43. I need to verify my account plus help me it is already register it is not allow to open when login in

  44. I tried to apply my passport since yesterday but my account request for a verification code so as i can continue,have been waiting for the code to be send but not yet ,have send mails to support@ecitizen in vain ,what can i do ,i need a passport very urgent.

  45. Hi,
    I have been waiting for a verification code for long. Finally many of them came and none worked. I can not complete the process since 2 days now. Kindly help.

  46. How do I edit my profile on the ecitizen account? only my email and ID number is correct but the rest wrong names and mybe more information as i can not get access to my profile.

  47. Hello
    I need to change my registered email address in my ecitizen account, cause this old email is no more functional. Where and how can I do that. The “My account” function is not working on the ecitizen homepage

  48. I created ecitizen account but I was registered as immigrant, how will I change that, because am not getting the service I needed. how do I remove the account

  49. Im trying to create account on E-citizen but I have been frastructed for the last one week with this message.

    ” Cannot lookup IDs at the moment, please try again.” Please help.

    ID NO. 24461808
    First Name: David

  50. You will get household and mention for your friends that card depending will operate and also you are quitting.

  51. I am struggling to update my details in ecitizen but the profile page returns an error. Your telephone numbers don’t go through.
    How can I get assisted?

  52. an error encountered while trying to deliver this message. on phone number verification. possible cause?

  53. I applied for certificate of good on 12th Feb 2021 but the issue is that the email i used to apply is not the same as that to my phone I want to change it and use my phone email

  54. I want to change my email address because I used wrong email address when applying certificate of good conduct

  55. I to change my email address because I used wrong email address when applying certificate of good conduct

  56. please assits me am try to creat ecitizen account my phone say i am already registered please kindly help me my phone number 0799691270 id number 34949246

  57. I’m trying to register for e-citizen but I’m being told that the name doesn’t match the ID yet those are my exact names and ID

  58. I created my account but I couldn’t find it anymore ,,av tried to reset it ,but I didn’t get a reset password via SMS what’s wrong I need help

  59. Hi, I created an account on ecitizen but even after several tries I haven’t received my code yet. Any help will be much appreciated.

  60. when registering for eCitizen using ID No. 27999551 feed back is “The provided ID no. was not found”

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