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How to Charge Your Phone on the Go with Power Bank Charger

If you are a person living in the twenty first century, then you must have been terribly inconvenienced by your phone at a point in your life. You are going to meet someone in town, or are waiting for that important call to close a deal when suddenly your phone goes dead. The battery is dead; your phone power has given up on you at your time of need.

Power Bank Power Mate

This happens all too often and this is why power bank chargers are so important these days. One of the most popular brand of power bank chargers is the PowerBank Power Mate. With features such as compatibility with all mobile phone brands and a battery that lasts for up to 6 hours, it is easy to see why most people love this gadget.

The charger’s elegant design is compact and therefore convenient to carry around and the 1 year warranty does not hurt a bit. An extra USB cable with input and output docks is included to ensure that the charger is compatible with either a Tecno,  iPhone, Samsung,
RIM/Blackberry, Huawei,Windows phones, iPads or any other usb powered device or equipment.

The LED light integrated into the power mate comes in handy when you need to find your way in darkness.

For a limited time, you can find this amazing gadget at over 60% discount on the Jumia online store. Payments can be made on delivery and you get to have your purchase delivered right to your doorstep or office anywhere in Kenya.

Check out the PowerBank Power Mate on Jumia now to view more details and to make an order.

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  1. Hi have just paid for a prepaid electricity to Kplc through Mpesa and up-to now they have not send to me the token message. What could be the problem? Can you kindly find out for me? Thank you.

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