How to Burn 10 Pounds by Eating Food the Right Way

You need not starve yourself to burn those elusive 10 pounds, you can just eat the right food, the right, amount at the right time and in the right amount.

Here are a few tips that can help you along the way as well as a detailed infographic on the same by weightlosstipss 101.

  • Don’t Starve yourself or cut too many calories

Cutting your calories drastically results to metabolism and muscle mass issues. It is not only ineffective, it also sabotages your weight loss attempts. You want to lose the fat weight, not the muscle weight or the water weight. Losing water weight is only temporary. It not only dehydrates your body, the weight also comes right back and some more. Losing the lean muscle weight is even more dangerous. It distorts the body’s metabolism making it even harder to lose more weight while endangering your life. starving yourself is in fact one of the reasons why people keep complaining that they are not losing weight despite their desperate weight loss efforts. Once you stop dieting, the pounds come right back and since the metabolism is low, the fat is even more that before.

  • ¬†Increase your water intake

Water is by far the healthiest drink one can take. It is in fact the most important aspects to losing weight. Our bodies are over 70% water and need a large amount of this liquid to maintain the daily functions. Water helps to increase the metabolism as well as flush out the harmful toxins. Little water in our bodies makes the body hold onto the little water being taken leading to water retention and bloating. Drinking enough water ensures that the body releases the water previously retained leading to weight loss. Water also makes you feel fuller for lesser thus reducing the calories consumed. For better results, drink cold water. The body burns calories as it tries to warm up the water.

  • Don’t forget the protein

When it comes to eating for weight loss, think protein. Protein is good for muscular growth and repair. The protein keeps you fuller as compared to other kinds of food ensuring that you do not keep eating It also takes a lot of work to digest protein. This work translates into calories and the calories translate into pounds burnt to digest each feeding.

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