Modern Mom Kenya Uncategorized How Alfred Keter Tried to Explain his Dishonorable Behavior

How Alfred Keter Tried to Explain his Dishonorable Behavior

After being caught on camera threatening officers at the Gilgil weighbridge, the Nandi Hills Mp Mr. Alfred Keter is now making a pathetic attempt of reversing the blame. According to the outspoken lawmaker, he behaved the way he did after being asked to pay a bribe to have the truck that was being impounded at the weighbridge released.

The video that went viral a few days ago shows the Mp telling the officers that they are the government; they make the laws and therefore can break them whenever they feel like it. He even went ahead to tell the officers that their boss was stupid. Watch the video below.

Kenyans on Twitter took their comments to the social platform and as uual, the creativity did not disappoint. See some of the tweets below.

We need atoe jam Uhuru highway via

See, what happens when you mix alcohol and an ego.

I have watched that video again .. i have felt pain .. for him. Boss!

Dear please do not use the name of Jesus Christ in vain whether you fight small or big battles…. please.

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