Hey Baby

Morning sweetheart, honey, munch pie. I know you don’t know me for we’ve never met, or you already know me for you’ve been my boyfriend at some point, or even more scary, you’re my very good friend, or you could even be someone I don’t pay much attention to. I want you to know that the future mum to your kids is doing fine. If you’re my friend, I’ll feel really betrayed when you tell me that you’ve always wanted us to be more than friends! I’ll avoid you for weeks but I’ll finally realize that I feel the same way and we’ll start going out. And the fights will begin and when we break up for the first time, you’ll hate me and I’ll wish that we’d remained friends…..

If you’re my ex, then we’re friends at the moment. You hurt me or I hurt you and for that reason, we avoid talking about us like a plague. We probably talk about the referendum or the weather and then one of us finds an excuse to bounce. Maybe I’ll realize at some point that I can not live without you… and I’ll come running back to you. Or you’re the one who’ll realize this and come asking me to forgive you. And I will. And we’ll start fighting, mostly about what we did in between and we’ll wish we never made up….

Or maybe you’re some guy I met this morning, or someone I’ll meet over lunch or even in two years to come (I hope not; I wanna meet you soon). We’ll get to know each other and fall in love. Then you’ll do something bad or you’ll think I’ve done something bad and you’ll stop picking up my calls. I will stalk you day and night and this will push you farther, and farther away from me. I’ll then take all the blame and think that am a very bad person and start doing unbelievable things. And when I sit back after self destruction, I’ll realize that am not the problem and will start pulling myself together….

Either way, we’ll go to hell and back together. We’ll break up and then make up. But at the end of the day, we’ll realize that we can’t live without one another. And you’ll propose. If I had ideas of how I’d want it to be, I’ve have let you in on it and then feign surprise when you do it, but I don’t. So I’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll say YES and jump up and down. And you’ll sweep me off my feet and kiss me in the rain (I hope it’ll be raining).

Then we’ll get married. I’ve never thought about it so, again… no ideas. And live happily (read ups and downs) ever after. We’ll share the bills but there are things you’ll have to do by yourself. You’ll be the one killing the snakes in our farm and waking up when there is some strange noise outside our house at night. In return, I’ll breastfeed our kids. All the other chores will have to be done by the two of us.

I’ll forgive you when you wrong me just so long as the wrong was not raising your hand on me and I’ll expect you to do the same….

I’ll talk to you later baby, I have to go.

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