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Helter Skelter By Vincent Bugliosi

If I could recommend just one book, Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi
would be that book. This is by far the best book I have ever read. A
chilling, real horror story that is sure to scare anyone to death. The
true account of what came to be known as the Tate-Labianca killings. It
is a story of how easy it is to manipulate and take control over other
people’s mind and how desperation and the search for acceptance and
belonging can turn people into extremely evil animals. Vincent Bugliosi,
the prosecutor for the murders that took place decades ago, is a
terrific writer. He draws you into the events that lead to the murders,
and walks with you though the investigation and the prosecution with
unbelievable details. You will surely need to sleep with your lights on
for a month or two.

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The Manson Family

in and out of Jail for petty crimes, Charles Mansion had spent 17
years, more than half his age, in jail by the time he was 32. The day he
was released, it is said that Manson begged the judge to let him stay,
the judge should have listened.Manson started playing the guitar outside
the University of Wisconsin. And that is when he met a 23 year old Mary
Brunner who worked at the University as a Librarian. He made friends
with her and moved from the street and panhandling into her house.

the months that followed, Mansion brought home other girls to live with
in the house with Brunner. And that is how the Family was born.That
summer, Manson, Brunner and about eight of other girls all got into a
school bus and toured around the country. The family size increased
along the way and included even boys. They finally settled in Spahn
ranch, a dilapidated movie ranch that belonged to an 85 year old man.
George Spahn was old and almost blind, and Manson assigned one girl,
Squeaky, to cater to his needs in the hopes that he would later give her
the ranch as inheritance.The family by then had increased to over 30
members. Mostly girls, a few males and children.

Tate-Labianca Killings

Helter Skelter

Manson assumed the role of a father to his followers. He convinced them
that he was Jesus, often preaching to them the book of revelation when
they were high on LSD. He completely took control of their minds and
lives. He believed and made the family believe that the Beatles were
communicating to him- Jesus- across the ocean via their music. And their
message was clear, helter skelter.Helter Skelter, Manson believed, was
an apocalypse when the black man would rise against the white after
being oppressed for so long. The war would be very bad but the blacks
would emerge winners. Charles Manson and his family would have nothing
to fear though since they would be hiding in a hole in the dessert the
whole time. Once the war was over though, the black man would not know
what to do with his power, and this is where Manson and his family would
come in. They would emerge from the dessert and take over the
world.After waiting for Helter Skelter to start on it’s own in vain,
Mansion knew that it was time to take matters into his own hands and get
the ball rolling. And in those two fatefull days, he sent his devoted
followers to a murderous rage….

Other Resources Covering the Case

Here are the additional books that cover the infamous crimes committed by Mansion and his Family…

The Myth of Helter Skelter

By Susan Atkins

Atkins was one of the murderers present at both the Tate house and the
Labianca House. She participated in 8 of the killings. She was also
imprisoned to life and spent her life in jail until the day she died of
brain cancer in September of 2009.In this book, Susan disputed the
Helter Skelter theory as the motive behind the murders.

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