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Gunslinger by Connie Mason

This is Gunslinger by Connie Mason’s Cover from the Amazon store.

first read this book when I was in high school. I hid it under a desk
at prep time to make sure that the teachers did not find me reading it
and take it away from me. It was wrong, it was exciting, and it was
worth it.

The Plot

a hired gun by the name of Desperado Jones makes his way into trouble
creek, he has no problem getting a new job. As a matter of fact, he gets
two. A beautiful woman by the name Chloe Sommers hires him to protect
her herd as it is driven to the market, while the Talbots hire him to
ensure that the herd never makes it. If they sabotage the sale, Chole
will not get enough money for the ranch and she will have to part with

Desperado is only too happy to help. You see, she has a score to
settle with Chloe, or let’s say her late mum for a grudge he holds from
the past. But Chloe knows nothing about it. He is determined to have the
last laugh, as long as he learns to control his lust for the woman he
is supposed to help destroy.

The book is full of action and passion. Desperado is cold, mean and
famous, but he is also gentle and passionate. Chloe is high spirited and
independent, but she’s also a destroyed scared girl inside. And when
they come together, an awesome couple full of fire, passion and desire
is born.

Connie Mason does not disappoint when it comes to historical romance tales.

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