Modern Mom Kenya Uncategorized GOTV Contacts | GOTV Kenya Customer Care Contacts (2023)

GOTV Contacts | GOTV Kenya Customer Care Contacts (2023)

If you have encountered a problem with your GOTV decoder and need to know get GOTV Contacts , do not worry because we’ve done the dirty work for you. Here are the GOTV Customer Care Contacts:

GOTV  Contacts

You can contact GOTV customer care via these numbers:
0711 066 000
020 423 6000
0711 066 555
020 423 6555

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GOTV Kenya Website Contacts

Gotv Kenya’s website link is here

 GOTV Kenya Facebook Contacts

You can access the GOTV facebook page here

GOTV Kenya Twitter Contacts

You can also reach GOTV Customer Care via their twitter handle @GOtvKenya

GOTV customer Contacts

Phone Number
0711 066 000
020 423 6000
0711 066 555
020 423 6555
 GOTV Website
 Physical Address
Multichoice Kenya Ltd. First Floor, Sarit Centre,
Westlands, Nairobi

Contacts for GOTV Dealers in Kenya

GOTV Dealers in Kenya Contacts
Nairobi Region
Phone Number
Email Address
Fancis Mwangi
Opposite Naivas Supermarket along Kasarani- Mwiki road, Kasarani
254 020-2023335, 254722-810076
Moses Wahome
Piazza Arcade, 1st Floor next to Kobil Petrol Station
254 0020-719-44040, 254 020-2010360
Coastal Region
Phone Number
Email Address
Musa Ramadhan
Old Malindi Road near Tuskys Mtwapa
254 718-466889, 254721-929199
Western Region
Phone Number
Email Address
Diten Chavda
Kenyatta Avenue next to Franka Hotel
254 752-925777, 254720-600521

Speaking of GOTV, here are 5 controversial women who are addicted to gracing our TVs with their drama-filled lives. Enjoy.

GOTV SMS Short Codes for Different Countries

Whether you need to activate your GOTV decoder, reset or upgrade your subscription, you need to have the GOTV SMS short codes for your country. In this post, we’re going to outline all the codes for the different countries where GOTV Africa offer their services.

GOTV SMS Short Codes

Kenya           6088
Uganda         6688
Malawi          4688
Ghana            4688
Mozambique  4688
Nigeria           4688
Tanzania        16688
Zambia          4688
Zimbabwe     6088

Dunga Milli na GOTV Promotion

Update (This promotion took place back in 2015)

How does winning a cool 1 million Kenyan shillings sound to you? Inviting? That’s what I thought. GOTV is not only enabling you to go digital and enjoy crystal clear picture from over 70 channels, it is also giving you a chance to join the millionaires club.

From the first week of March 2015, GOTV is making one Kenyan a millionaire every single week. As if this is not exciting enough, there are also daily prizes to be won among them:

  • 15,000 Kenyan shillings
  • Airtime
  • Annual GOTV subscription

All you need to do to be entered into the draw is to buy a GOTV decoder and activate it. At the new reduced prices of Ksh. 1,399, one cannot help but try their luck.

The decoder comes with a Free 2 months GOTVplus subscription. You will be able to enjoy E!entertainment, BBC, NatGeo, Discovery, Aljazeera, CNN, Africa Magic, SonyMax, SET, Disney Junior, MTV and many other exciting channels for free for 2 good months.

Five winners have already been announced and we now have three to go. You can view the list of the Dunga Milli na GOTV Promotion Winners below.

Dunga Milli na GOTV Promotion Winners

This promotion by GOTV Kenya is one of the biggest ever. A lucky GOTV subscriber is walking away with a clean 1, 000,000 Kenyan shillings each week. By the time the promotion that started in early March, 2015 is done, 8 Kenyans will be Millionaires.

Here is the list of the already announced Dunga Milli na GOTV Promotion Winners:

  1. Evelyne Kerubo – A 23 year old lady who works as a cabin crew
  2. Catherine Wambui Ndegwa – She won after buying a decoder for her dad in Karatina
  3. Mrs. Mealii Ali Vyakweli – This Likoni lady, 60, got the decoder as a gift from her daughter Fatuma Madi
  4. Nancy Mudecha – A 35 year old mother of five from Chavakali. She bought the decoder on credit. The shopkeeper allowed her to take it home for even though she only had Ksh. 1,000.
  5. Moses Nakonda – 41 year old father of 6 who sells Mandazi and Tea at Mt. Elgon
  6. Charles Mwendwa Muroki- A father of two from Maua Meru. He sells goods in a small kiosk and has operated a hotel in the past.
  7. Ernest Mwoya – He is GSU Officer at Kenyatta Barracks in Gilgil and he plans to use the money to construct rentals.
  8. Mutunga Mbuvi – He is a 38 year old businessman from Westlands and at the time of the win, Mr. Mbuvi’s wife was pregnant.
  9. Martin Nduchu – 28 year old father from Thika. He plans to start an agribusiness rearing chicken and dairy cows. He plans also use the money to build a home for his family and educate his daughter.
  10. Michael Ngaruiya – He is a Mandazi hawker from Kiambu County. He plans to expand his business as well as his wife’s day care business.

You can also enter the promotion. Who knows what could happen?

GOTV Kenya Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that it can get frustrating when you are trying to contact your service provider.  Sometimes the call goes straight to voicemail. This is why we have tried to answer all the common issues experienced by your decoder in their own posts. Browse the links below to see whether we have already tackled your problem.

Quick Disclaimer: I am not GOTV Kenya, neither am I affiliated with the company in any way. That said, I value my blog visitors and aim to always provide the right information or help in any way that I can. If you have a query for GOTV and are unable to reach them via twitter for one reason or the other, leave your IUC number and a short description of your issue in the comments section and I’ll contact them on your behalf.

You can also reach me by liking and inboxing me through my Facebook page: Modern Mom Kenya.

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  1. I am user 2018939768 am not geting your service this month except locals only i have tried to call i dont get through how am i going to get my normal service and my subscribtion expires 25/8/2015

    1. my iuc no is 2018567303 my decpder stoped while i tried to reset it, i am subscribed to free to air service but for the last one month my decoder is not functioning please help me ASAP i am missing your services.

    2. This is what GOTV had to say when I contacted them on your behalf….

      Hey, dial *423# and follow all screen promopts to upgrade to plus for 6 months, at no additional costs.

      Hope that sorts things out for you Anonymous.

  2. I am a GOtvPlus subscriber IUC 2017530285 and I have not been enabled to view channels that I paid for. I have been your subscriber since May this year but m not happy with the way you attend to your customers. I paid my dues earlier yesterday but upto now I haven't gotten any feedback from you not even picking my calls. better return the money to me I look for other options.

    1. Kindly contact GOTV Kenya. I find that the easiest way to do this is by writing them a tweet on twitter. I am normally sorted in about 5 minutes when I do this. Hope this helps.

  3. Good Morning,

    On 22nd June at 11:39 AM, i received an sms from Gotv to renew my subscription . I however didn't because i Knew i had already did

    Unfortunately come the month of July, 21st which it was due, i just sent my renewal to IUC No 2017159041 as per last SMS received from yourselves

    Only realize on 22nd when my Gotv is not working that that was a wrong IUC

    My questions are:

    How can you send me an SMS to renewal on a wrong IUC account

    Can that be reversed to credit my correct account (2017241130)

    how come you do not have free to air channels( i could not watch Citizen, KTN, K24) as i was previously made to believe

    Looking forward for your quick assistance

    1. Kindly use one of the contact methods above Patrick to raise your queries with GOTV. I am not sure about the other two questions but am certain that they will advise you on how to reverse your payment and credit your account instead. You will have to give evidence of the payment obviously.

      Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Why is the automated telephone services so tedious? Does it help anyone? It is so annoying since it takes you round and round and round until it asks you to try again. Can someone contact me since I have a payment reallocation that needs to be done urgently?

    1. I have paid my 849 subscription fee but entered the wrong IUC 4622421719 instead of 4622421791. The short code. *423# is of no help and I cant get you on phone. Advise.

    2. Moff, I also have little success with calling. Try one of the other contact methods like Twitter and Facebook. They respond faster when you do that. You will need to give them the payment details.

  4. Hi I paid for GOTv subscription on 10/08/2015 @ 4.47am I got i message that my payments has been accepted 849/=. Until now the error E16 is still there.IUC No. 2022352469…………what is happening!!!

  5. Hi GoTv,Keep it up you have improved now when you make payments you are connected almost immediately thanks for your quick response.
    Kindly Assist me on how to subscribe to the free to air subscription where you pay 1200 ksh and get to watch all local channels for free my ICU IS 2018577788.

    Kind Regards

  6. Hello am John iuc 2017196204, paid for the service on 12th 6PM but until now E16 error.Have tried all the means to reset this but in vain.Am totally disappointed as i could not watch my favorite programes though have paid.

  7. Hi, i was due for payment on the 14th of this month, been trying to pay but its never gone through. It is telling me wrong format. am using paybill number 423655 and my IUC number is 2015966624. Please help me though you havent disconnected.

    1. My IUC number 4622900199 I bought my decoder yesterday.. It was not connected by the retailer..Kindly register it its not showing any channels apart from go channel

    1. That just means that the reception is not strong enough. It could be because it is raining in the other side of the continent and the satellites are not able to pick the signal.

      In my experience, it normally clears within a minute or five. In the meantime, try another channel. 🙂

  8. I have paid 849 for all programs but few are available like nat get cannot be viewed, why and why do I have to pay so much while I can't view what I wanted? INC NO 2017549092.

  9. paid for 2014152500,over a month now its still popping the message balance on the screen.its 3 times now am experiencing this say its sorted but nothing done.pliz go tv,up your service.
    this is really pissing

    1. If it has been over a month now, maybe it's time to renew your subscription once again, no? In my experience, the pop-up is normally to remind you that your subscription expires in less than 5 days.

      As a user myself, I agree that it can be annoying. I'll post if a find a way to do away with it.

  10. My icu number is 4622947242. I have used my gotv for 2 months and i wish to make it free to air, how much should i pay, and after one has made a one-off payment is it per year or permanent subscription?

    1. You will pay 1200 shillings. Contact gotv through one of the above methods to have them downgrade your account since I'm thinking you've been watching the free gotv plus.

  11. Hey i have paid subscription for one month up to September 29,i have fixed the antenna correctly and no channel is displaying content. Please advise ASAP

    1. Which error is it showing? If it is the E-16 error, you can fix it by dialing *423# and following the instructions. It it is the e-48 error, it is reception and will clear by itself. Otherwise, you might need to rescan.

  12. gotv have gone MIA me not picking my call not answering my msg on facebook…your services are pathetic pathetic pathetic iuc no 2016029675

  13. my icu number is 2018950928.have beeen using my gotv for 5month now..its been 2weeks now since it stated saying no channel its saying activate for the fast time..if l cnonect another gotv to my arial it work properly..please help.

  14. I paid for my subscription but still the decoder is not enabled IUC No is 201741668, I have really asked for help but in vain

  15. Hi paid Gotv lite two months ago IUCno.2017476639 but my TV was switched off on thursday and they claim i have to pay ksh.875……..where is the problem and i paid the full subscription through mpesa then got a reply from multichoice..??????

  16. My tv just went off when I tried to refresh the programmes. Have tried in vain to start the same. What's the way forward?

  17. Dear gotv. i paid my monthly subscription fee a week ago and still i cant watch tv. it is giving me an E16 error. kindly clear it or you come for your decoder. i experience the same pathetic services every time after paying . Telephone no 0729034686 decoder number 2018672179

  18. am very surprise with the self service my due date is on 24th every month,of which i settled my dues on 24th august 2015 but am still getting error codes despite following the right procetures of removing them am always ashamed with visitors that I still owe Gotv the same amount i paid.kindly assist my iuc no 2019419397 please do something or I just quit

  19. Hi, I paid for my decoder a month ago and it has never been reconnected back. I have even over payed, I have tried all the ways to recconect back but it is not working.

    My device number is 2015960856.

    Kindly advice.

  20. can some one give me the contact for Gotv that is going through!
    Calling them is frustrating as i used over 100ksh and still they never picked. This is frustrating

  21. Hi,I bought my GOTV free to air option of course having paid the 1400 initial payment.since then i have been disconnected and i cannot view IUC no.2017316548.kindly assist.

    1. I contacted GOTV on your behalf. Here's what they had to say…

      hey, account is active on my end. Can you confirm for me the exact message displaying on the screen for a quick fix

  22. I have been calling the GoTV guys the whole day and I cant reach them. I paid for the Sh850 subscription but the channels are for the 500 and something one

    1. I have seen my mistake- i refuelled someones account
      instead of mine
      i doubled clicked 5
      Dear Customer, your IUC NO 4620891258 is due with kshs 849 Leave your decoder on & pay
      GO TV for account 4620891258

  23. Hi, Just paid 865/= for IUC 2003609588. I have tried calling but no answer, I tried clearing E-16 ERROR through the self service But nothing. Can I be assisted.

    IUCNo. 2003621884 current package is Gotv lite. Paid for Gotvplus on 19th september. I have tried to reset to Gotvplus without success. Does it mean I cannot switch to Gotvplus till my Gotvlite subscription expires?

  25. am iuc number 2016146491 i paid for my subscription yesterday at night via mpesa and u have not activated my account ….. and every time i contact ur simply ignoring me what kind of customer serrvice do u offer like seriously just finishing people's credit………

  26. Hii,I paid for my GoTv IUCNo. 2020607995 yesterday the 23rd.9.2015
    and as at now you have not bothered to reconnect me despite numerous calls to your numbers which are not picked.Kindly do the needful this is too much

    1. Hey Kinaro, Here's what GOTV says…

      You've been watching GOtv plus for the past 2 months. In order to access Lite, you need to top up1698 bob. Lite has KBC, NTV, KTN, KTN2, Citizen, K24, Faith and Islam.

    2. i have just paid the amount sufficient for gotv lite via mpesa …..please ask them to switch me to gotv lite package ….for me their call center never picks … my iuc number again is 4623382526

  27. I was supposed to have my subscription till today but someone maliciously disconnected in the morning. It's my money n I need my services back. My ICU NO. 20030305476. The worst thing, there is no one to pick customer care number n one can hold for the next available one for ages. Kindly I want my services back.

  28. Hi,wanted to advance to gotv plus (849) instead of gotv(599) and been paying the 849 for a few months but to date cant view some channels like telemundo,nat geo and sony.

    MY IUC NO:2003688040.What could be the problem?

    1. Hi,thanks for the immediate reply but after tried even rescanning all efforts futile.
      Will try something else……

  29. I paid for go tv free to air on 24th July 2015, as from around September 20th they have cut all other channels apart from KBC. My IUC No. is 2018670306. Whats the matter?

    1. Here's what GOTV had to say:

      Hi, your account was active on GOtv Plus bouquet as from that time of payment. Upon change of package it's advisable to notify us. Meaning you'll need to top up sh 514 for your account to be active on the free

  30. I am subscribed to Gotv and my IUC is4623221515. I am uptodate with payments .Of late i have been receiving scrambled pictures and a message pop up:E-48-32 Searching for signal. Press OK for info." When I press the OK button a window pops up showing Strength-100%, Quality -Locked-95%. How do I rectify this so I can receive channels clearly.

  31. ICU NO.2004304458. My subscription is upto date and I do not understand why am reminded that it is overdue and why clearing the error through Go eazy is not working. Am properly irritated. Please clear the error and do a good job.

  32. Please let me know why this was not activated. JJ3372VRNN Confirmed. Ksh900.00 sent to GO TV for account 2002956157 on 3/10/15 at 3:23 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh817.50. Dial *234# for Lipa Na MPESA charges

    1. Hey Charles, GOTV Says you qualify for 6 months free GOtv plus promotion. Dial *423# using the number you used to activate the account with then wait for 72 Hrs.

  33. My IUC no. is 2017575983.I accidentally loaded IUC no. 2017575783.Kindlly reverse the money since i cant access your services

    1. Hey, the transaction ID was JJ41790EVZ of ksh. 600 on 4.10.2015 at 12:05 pm.The wrong IUC is 2017575783 and the right IUC is 2017575983.

  34. Hi. I shifted to mombasa with my gotv decorder. i fixed the aerial well. There is a constant green light on the decorder, but there is nothing displayed on the tv screen. my IUC no is: 2016196892. kindly assist. my number is 0721-757419

  35. I paid for my No. 2009467619 on October 2, 2015. I have Cleared my error on the net but it continues to pop up. My remote is also faulty, please reset and let me know where to get a new remote

  36. I paid for my No. 2009467619 on October 2, 2015. I have Cleared my error on the net but it continues to pop up. My remote is also faulty, please reset and let me know where to get a new remote

  37. Hey I paid for my account but I have not watched even any Chanel now this is the second month, kindly connect or correct the error coz I have done it myself more than enough with no suxess. My ICU no is 2016908814.

  38. My IUC NO. 2017704869. i paid the 1800/- before the two month of free service elapsed, but from 14th of this month i am only able to view KBC. The gadget is bring the error E16 which had been cleared when i paid 1800/-

    1. i was advised by the dealer that after paying 1800/- it was going to be free to air!! so what are the 1698 charges for? i have been watching my channels till last week and your phone number is never picked. kindly advice what to do because what i need is free to air and i had bought two more for the family… thank you

    2. I have been watching the channels but the dealer had adviced me that after paying 1800/- it was going to be free to air which is what i wanted. advice on the next move since i had bought two other for the family and we need free to air and what the 1698/- is for what??

    3. First am not GOTV. Just a humble blogger who's out to help.

      Here's what I think happened. You were given the free GOTV plus subscription. Then you paid the 1800 and forgot to have your package downgraded. As a result, GOTV assumed that the 1800 was further payment for GOTV Plus subscription. And now two extra months have elapsed with you enjoying the GOTV plus.

      What you can do is pay and then request GOTV to downgrade your account. You can leave your IUC number once you pay and I'll make the request on your behalf.

  39. Got a message from you guys that if i paid September,i will get ONE EXTRA month free to watch UEFA EPL & much more.why send me messages that am due for payement? (2015907203)

  40. Hi am one of your clients but I think u too slow to help and every time u send me text to activate I wont am so pissed na ur services.gdy

    1. Hey anonymous. Am sorry you are frustrated with their services. I am however not affiliated with GOTV in any way. I'm just a blogger who shares your pains at times (am also a customer) and therefore out to help in any way I can. If you left your IUC number and your issue here, I could contact them on your behalf.

  41. i have been off since last week thursday…..n pls, Modern mum dont tell me to tweet or facebook….what are the customer care numbers for if they never help anyone me included??? Bin kept on hold daily for loads of minutes. My IUC number now turning ICU No. is 2004290116…No channels found since n most annoying no one to help! Is this normal for all other service providers now that i see complaints daily?

    1. Alexander, I contacted GOTV on your hbehalf and this is what they had to say.

      your account has expired. You have 205 kshs in your account so top-up the difference to be reconnected.

    2. top up or no top up…no channels found. I think atleast i should have KBC showing. U dint get me well…its blank…no channels found..leave alone payments first.

  42. i paid ksh 1200 on 20.09.2015 for annual free to air 2017826202 and then top up ksh 600 transaction no. JIK74DUU9 the same day for it reach ksh 1800 for a year only to get text on screen saying 1 day remaining for subscription kindly assist.because it is only one month gone i wish to top up for gotv lite HOW much ?
    and which procedure to follw

  43. Hi, I'm on the Gotvplus and today I found out that 90% of my channels have disappeared and like most consumers here, I could not get a hold of the customer care people. My ICU number is 4622705098. I've tried doing the Automatic scan, with no change even though my signal strength is above 90%. Please help me.

  44. I paid my subscription on 20th but still I am getting a message that my subscription has expired. I have tried to call but I was kept on hold for an hour and no response was eventually got. My IUC Number is 2016067755, please solve my problem.

  45. hello, i wish it was easy to reach you on the tel. numbers indicated above. I need to change my monthly subscription from Ksh. 850 to Ksh 600.Please fix this for me. I have already paid Ksh. 550 and all i can watch is KBC. Please fix this problem for me.
    IUC No. 2015905466
    A/c name: Theuri

    you can reach me on 0728732438

    please sort me out soonest possible and i will deeply appreciate

  46. my IUC no.4624102346 i have paid 849 ksh on 25/10/2015 and this morning you switch off my decoder and your not picking my call how can we continue to use your service pliz advice

  47. I have a gotv plus package that should be expiring on 3rd December this year and I am getting a screen alert that i should pay sh849 and that it expires tomorrow 1st November. My IUC NO 4624059008. Kindly help. It seems to me cc contacts are never answered.

  48. Kindly reset my channels for you switched off when i had paid already.My icu no 2018640682is and the mpesa transaction is JK11DCW417

  49. I haven't used my gotv decorder for close to two months cos I lost all the channels and the moment I switch it on it says 'first installation press ok' yet I used it before. When I scan no channels found at all. I checked my aerial still nothing. Please assist. Don't tell me to call cos no one picks. my iuc no is 2018522084

    1. I have a feeling that your issue is reception. If no channels are found, that means that your go-tennae is not receiving the signal. Check the signal strength and quality and see whether they are more than 50% and 40% respectively.

      If not, just try following the steps in this post and let me know how it goes.

  50. Whats happening i have scrambled reception. i dont have channels at times none at all, why is this what need i do? yuc 2017391515

  51. I keyed in the account number 2015222216 instead of 2014222216 while paying for November subscription .
    multi choice prompted me with a message ,

    "Dear Andrew asiele you paid Kes 849.00 to an invalid account. Multichoice Kenya Ac 2015222216 please dial *423# to correct the account information"

    This I did . Upto now I don't know whether this was corrected.

    1. Hey.. What's with all the contacts on this site… All calls are going to automated response yet I want to talk to sales… Can someone call me on 0727020515 kenya

  52. payment for November done via Airtel money Trans ID:1511047148521 Reference(IUC) :2016015239 on date 11/04/2015.Yesterdat 11/06/2015 i got disconnected with message "currently Scrambled" from the GOtv webpage my account reads SUSPENDED. there call center has been busy all day,my email hasnt been acknowledged.This is not good Service!

  53. My Gotv is not working for two hours now. I have realized its not only mine bt others in some part of Nakuru. Kindly assist.

  54. We have not been able to access the gotv service the whole day till now. What could be the problem coz its not mine alone. Kindly assist.

  55. I am disappointed in your so called customer care but that is not my concern. I have paid Ksh. 850 but I am not enjoying the services at stipulated my ice no is 2018745775. Please I demand to see the value of my money. And check out on your customer care response

  56. I tried to remove error code with gotv services but no avail. I have followed the steps with *423# but still nothing has been done so far.
    I have gone to the agent here in eldoret and he has assured me but still nothing has been done so far.
    Will you pliz assist me. my iuc no is 2016106047

  57. You have sent me an sms for the last two months that pay Kshs.599 for Gotv value or Kshs. for Gotv plus and get 1 EXTRA month absolutely free! Reconnect today via MPESA no.423655 and I always pay via Mpesa and never gotten those extra. Please advise.

  58. Gotv its Paul the most frustrating is getting the right feedback I want downgrade to gotv value my iuc 2021728217. Already paid. Customer care numbers go unanswered..the error code procedures *423# its a sham deducting my credit to the the last coin. Gotv simplify procedures n stop all this. Mess.

  59. i dont know why some stations are just diseppearing like that. when i scan them and try finding them back it says invalid chanel why????? My ICU NO. is 2009447571

  60. hey, whats wrong with you!!. I paid for my subscription long ago. SO far i still get error codes. tried clearing via ussd in vain .Your lines go unanswered…2017692578

  61. I paid my subscription on 20th November and my account tells me am that it will expire on 19th December.Am not able to watch any channel I don't know why.They are all scrambled,av tried resetting my decorder and also calling but not yet.wots the problem?Plz assist IUC 2018707493

  62. My IUC is 2019067588. I have paid for my gotv and I can't access the channels. Error codes everywhere. When I dial *423# to clear the error, "No active services with the smart card" pops out. Such a disgrace.

  63. My IUC no is 2019067588. I paid Kshs.849 and I cant access the channels. Error code all the way. When I try to clear the error code through *423# "No active services associated with the smart card" pops out. Such a disgrace.

  64. Hi. My iuc no is 2015923260 I have made a payment of Kshs 599. Am requesting if my package can be changed to Gotv value.

  65. my Gotv just went off last night leaving the screen blank. Im already activated to free to air, what could be the problem?

  66. Modern Mom, please assist me – I am not able to get thru to GoTV

    IUC NO 2021901703

    Yesterday at 2.35 pm, I paid up for renewal and also downgraded my subscription in my online profile but after confirming the new package choice I made the payment but the system did not load.

    But just a short while after the paying 599/= through Mpesa my GOTV account profile reflects that I still owe GTV 250/=

    I need this change to be reflected,

    Please correct this error and normalise my renewal to 599/= GoTV Value package which starts on 28 Nov 2015.

    FYI – this morning, the screen shows that my subscription is expired and its asking for 250/= more

    Thank you


  67. After GOTV rolled out the over of 6 months gotv plus once you subscribe why are you told to pay kshs 1656. yet it is a promotional offer even before your decoder spools all the channels and after a week it goes off. then again why were we told to pay a one off fee of 2600 for local channels. what does your one off fee mean. are you telling us to go away

  68. Hi. Kindly help re-set my decoder E-16 ERROR. I paid through mpesa and still nothing forthcoming. My IUC no is 2018824715.

  69. Hi my iuc is 2015948419 i paid yesterday via airtel money 850 but still i cannot access the channels. I have been calling for the same and still ua not piking..please assist

  70. hi my name is margaret i payed my go tv on 28th but i send on wrong icu number kindly assist the number 20174616600 but the icu number is 2017461600

  71. Hi, i made my payments on 7th dec, received th confirmation message however still have th E-16 error code. Kindly clear it and give me tv. Your cudtomer service lines r unreachable. My IUC no is 2018802226.

  72. Hey guys While paying for my monthly subscription for December I made a mistake instead of GOTV account 2017821239 I used 20178221239 Mpesa transaction number is JL74LQ1DTO. kindly assist and refund back my money, since I had to pay again using the right ICU number.

  73. My ICU no 2016951938 is currently not receiving all channels and especially cartoon channels clearly they come with scratches yet l have paid and it had been ok.l have tried clearing the error but still no hope.please assist us

    1. Hi, adjust your aerial until you get a signal strength of 90% and quality of 100%. Then press Menu >Advanced options> Installation> Automatic Scan> OK on the remote to scan for channels.

    1. That's probably due to weak signal strength. Here's what you should do adjust your aerial until you get a signal strength of 90% and quality of 100%. Then press Menu >Advanced options> Installation> Automatic Scan> OK on the remote to scan for channels

  74. Hi have paid my GOTV jana but till noow no activation I thought its supposed to be automatic after payment poor customer service icu no 4624156635

  75. Hi.i used my number for registration and I have relocated to somewhere else and left my decoder to somebody else. should re-registration done to the second part?

    1. These numbers are the same. This is what you do though, provide me with the right IUC, the IUC you sent the money to, the number u used to pay and the payment details…like time, ref and amount.

  76. I have tried seeking information on how to change my package from Gotv Plus to Gotv lite but the customer care lines don't offer the help I am looking for. I already paid 1800/= for my decoder to change to Gotv lite but the first thing was to subscribe the Gotv Plus I've had before. Tried calling but no help gotten. I want my decoder in Gotv lite not plus. Kindly help.

  77. Hy,
    Am abit frustrated by GOTV services, i paid my subscription fee yestreday and upto now error 16 is not sorted. what kind of services is this? this is not first time for the last three months that is the trend. KIndly advice whether my decorder has issue or its poor services bieng rendered. GoTV acc is 2017807244.

  78. I paid 849.00 for my decoder 2014362771 on 28/12/2015. Up to now the payment has not been updated. Please update payment and clear errors. Patricia

    1. If you're having issues with signal, here's what you should do adjust your aerial until you get a signal strength of 90% and quality of 100%. Then press Menu >Advanced options> Installation> Automatic Scan> OK on the remote to scan for channels

      If it is another issue like the e-16 error, provide me with your IUC number to have it reset.

  79. I got tied with the eazy??? reminders and my remote control exit menu disfuctioned,to buy a new one ,I was told to pay 1500/=.My number is now with startimes.

  80. hey.. i paid for my GOtv decorder on 31st dec 2015. upto now the reconnection has not yet been done. calls to customer care are not helping either. my IUc NO is 2017408266. please help

  81. my a/c no.2016989149 i have paid for it last month kshs.849/= n my account was not cleared via mpesa n yesterday i paid 650/= n the same has happened..av tried unsuccesful tried to get in touch to gotv kenya

  82. I need reset of my decoder IUC 2017511316. customer service for gotv is the poorest i have ever come across been calling all day!

  83. I want to upgrade my account ICU No. 2012121135 from an annual payment of ksh1200 to ksh849. I already sent ksh849 but only local channels are available.I would also like to update my details since my GOTV decoder was registered with the names of the GOTV agent who sold me the decoder.

  84. Last month December 2015 you informed your subscribers to visit at different places you had mentioned,i went at pipeline embakasi and my concern was to downgrade from Gotv plus to Gotv lite, i had paid an amount of 600 before the last day of expiry so i wanted the money to be allocated to the 3 months subscription of 555 and carry the credit forward, however i received an alert that it will expire after 1 month, i went back again and informed her she has notsatisfied since she has not done wat ui told herb to do. She told me she has changed to one of 3 months period. so please can you enable it to be for 555 before i pay for it. My IUC number is 2018888974

  85. my icu no is 2017113232 a resident of Miritini Mombasa,all morning the GO Tv is saying ni 'Signal'. what could be the problem??


  87. A/C 2018944995
    Ive paid my subscription but my account status remains suspended.Ive tried to clear the error by all means offered by yourselves but all I get is 'Error could not be cleared'
    Its only fair to restore the service with equal disconnection speed.

  88. It is disappointing to use your lines because no reply and waste time holding. How do i get my account sorted to upgrade after paying for account. 2017062313

  89. These numbers are just automated. No one is picking to talk..There is even no option of talking to someone. Aaaagh. Do they know how many options we have in the market. Let someone call me..too boring!!!!

  90. I subscribed in Dec IUC No. 2018908751, after receiving sms advert of topping up to receive one month bonas. Now it is exactly one month and am told it has expired. Why?? can you help

  91. Hi dear encountering a problem wiyh my gotv showing that I need to pay yet I paid 1,200 free to air I thought no more payments…wat IS the problem and wat should I also?Help pliz

  92. I paid 850 for GOTV with the wrong account number. Multichoice comformed the payment but I have being trying for hours to contact the customer care services through the numbers given to no avail. Am disappointed with the customer service. Please help my account is 2009439744.

    1. Kindly provide me with this information… Date of payment, phone number used to make the payment, account paid to, account you wanted to pay to, payment reference number.

      I've have your account reversed to the right account.

  93. I paid 849 to GOtv into the 2014275151
    Paybill number no. 423655
    Transaction Id number KBG532CNAF
    by the use of my mpesa and till now am not able to watch the scrambled channels, still getting a message that my subscription is still expired.

    Thank you in advance.

  94. HI. I received an sms from GO TV on 15th January 2016 which stated that if I pay my subscription on that day via MPESA then I'll get a free month of GO TV service. I'm surprised this evening to find my account suspended. My IUC number is 2004423420.

  95. Hi..I paid for my GOTV on 12th Feb 2016 (Mpesa ref No.KBC42BKLH8) and up to today it has never worked. My IC NO 4613883997. Am thinking of looking for an alternative coz this is not adding any value anymore

  96. Hi!
    Am so disappointed with GOTV how can you suspend my account and all along i have been paying and the feedback i get from your decoder and customer care is that you cant fix the problem,i called 0711066555 to clear E16 error,i made payment through safaricom Mpesa by using your business number 423655 to 2014332524 and the feedback i get is negative,can you fix the problem so that i can get my services back.

  97. i paid my account no. is 5637720659 on 27/2/2016 and up to now i have been getting error E16 therefore i cant access your services. when i try to call am not getting any help only some automated voice that is helping me can someone activate my account or give me an answer

  98. Kindly note that my gotv balance displays 721 or something. You people have disconnected my decoder and the status says that its SUSPENDED. Tell me…what do I do?… Anthony

  99. Hi i wanted to change from international channels to only local channels and i was told to pay 561/- for three month and it will automatically change but that was not done for five days now. my iuc numbers is 2016890067.Kindly sort me out.

  100. Hey,I have a problem with my gotv.It is not showing anything. Am being told e48-32 error, and that I should dial *423#,this is not going through my iuc number is 4623902538 please assist

  101. hi! am currently subscribed to the one annual payment lan which expires on 31/8/2016. meanwhile av paid 849 for gotv plus promo n am also suposed to get one month free. av made several contacts but am yet to be connected and to get the free one month. kindly help my iuc no is 2017141645

  102. HEY I paid 599 yesterday iuc 2016116681 using 0721673336 and i have not gotten the subscription yet there still e16 error


  104. hey my number is 2018810765 i have paid for your services but i cant get access to any channel… please solve this for me/

  105. do i have to contact you every month for you guys to activate my account I have paid my subscriptions since yesterday and u have not activated my account my ICU no is 2015948419 please give me reliable steps to pay via airtel money??

  106. Mteja mpendwa, malipo ya GOtv itabadilika kwanzia tarehe Mei 15 ifwatavyo: GOtv Value 650/- na GOtv Plus 920 /- kila mwezi. GOtv Lite itabaki 555/- kila miezi tatu.

    explain the above msg i got through my sms.
    i was paying 849 before what is my new rate or payment as per the above.


  108. I renewed my account but am sill getting the e16 error. I have used the*423# but its not going thru. I have smsed reset but am getting (Device number 2009444636 could not be cleared, please contact your nearest GOtv office) after checking my account on gotv websitr the status is suspended and yet i have paid. Kindly assist

  109. My decoder was disconnected and i paid Ksh.850 via Lipa na M-pesa to Gotv acount no. 2016065245 on 22/04/2016 at around 1932hrs but to date my decoder is still disconnected. i contacted the M-pesa customer care on 23/04/2016 and they said the money was remitted to Gotv Multichoice. what could be the problem?

  110. Hi,
    I paid for my GoTV on 25/04/2016 but still have the E16 Error Code. I've tried to clear the error with no success.My IUC number is 2015918686

  111. hi I paid for my gotv E016-0 IUC:2015887461 I paid 2600 for the local channel now you've switched off all the channels and left kbc alone what is going on, can you please rectify this problem

  112. hi I paid for my gotv E016-0 IUC 2015887461 local channels at 2600 now you've switched off all the channels and left kbc alone what is going on please sort this issue out

  113. i have paid for the new month but i am not getting any reception just an E-16 error that won't go away….what seems to be the problem yet i made payment a day before my actual due date/.my a/c is 2016833706

  114. Hello. I usually use the 849/- monthly subscription but i want to move to free-to-air subscription. How do i go about it?
    How much am i to pay for the free to air services?

  115. E16 error. I have spent almost 500 Bob credit and 3 months trying to clear it. Short of taking a trip to the multi-choice office I feel there is no other solution. I picked this service because I loved their channels. I now think it's time to migrate to a better option…. 🙁

  116. Hey. Am user 2017378890 and I have paid the 849 for go TV plus but they are saying that the amount payable is 1389. How do I get the service I have paid for?

  117. Hi am Mary, I renwed my monthly sub on 10 May and it's never activated. Transaction kea5ppu3h5 850 at 12:20 am and keb1pzp1nh 20 to acc 2015900715. Please send me back my cash I get a different server coz even your reset option and *423# are non operational. Your service centre is fully automated and no personnel to assist if you have tried all options and in vain.

  118. Hi, am Hillary I payed GOTV bill of shs.850 and have received a message that it is active but Have tried it is not working kindly assist IUC number 4620834935

  119. Hey,

    My IUC number is 2003587811 and i keep receiving texts that my account is due. I believe it is in error. The message is usually constant, reading 'Dear Customer, your IUC NO 2003587811 is due with kshs 849 Leave your decoder on & pay via Mpesa Biz 423655, Airtel Money (nickname DStv) to stay entertained' this message has a Nov 24, 2015 09:28 timeline on it though i keep receiving the text almost every day.

    Kindly rectify

  120. Hey… I have paid my gotv account 849 and I have tried all way to clear the e16 but it's not working. Please do something… IUC 2017381566

  121. This GOTV Customer care service is a joke. I get through and I can hear your girls engage in cheap talk from the background. Then just like that you disconnect. Get professional.NKT!

  122. I have just talked to customer care staff a while ago and told him not to disconnect coz of expiry, I promised to pay by 24th May tomorrow at 4pm. Unfortunately it has been disconnected. Where is the support. Where is the customer relationship here. I CU number 2018683624.

  123. ICU number 2018683624
    Customer care staff called me today in regards to disconnection, I told him not to disconnect because I will have settled the bill by EOD tomorrow 24th May 2016. Unfortunately it has been disconnect. Where is the customer relationship especially for those who have been paying early? Kindly reconnect, wait for payment tomorrow without fail by 4pm

  124. Hi I paid my monthly fee yesterday and my decorder is not working i have tried clearing E-16 error still nothing 2016883655 kindly help its getting irritating.

  125. Hi. I paid GOTV yesterday KSH 918. Mpesa transaction No KEP9TTSPRB. The decoder went blank. When I checked my Gotv account today its saying amount due is Ksh 920 while there is Ksh 918 that was paid yesterday . Please reset, activate account number 2009471596.

  126. My software upgraded today after switching on.Thereafter,prgramme function keys ,scroll keys and other stopped selecting both on remote and decoder itself. I am so disappointed. Sort out this mess. My IUC is 2016158836, Phone is 0713689675

  127. I paid for my subscription this morning via mpesa but still shows I have zero balance. Kindly assist.

  128. i didnt know you had increased the rates from 850kes to 920kes; am off air am trying to top up the balance but your paybill/mpesa account is not accepting ksh300 kindly advice way forward my account 4624075225

  129. Hi i paid 920 for gotv plus around 3 week ago but E16 ERROR still displays pliz help IUC 2017090372

  130. I paid for my subscription since yesterday evening through Mpesa confirmation no KF24W3EFUU, till now I have not received a message from Mutichoice confirming receipt of payment all your numbers are not going through am still disconnected. What kind of a service is this?why have customer care numbers that never go through. Can someone sort me out. My IUC no is 2017635017. My mobile number is 0722757094 if you care to call and sort me out am just soo frustrated. Lilian

  131. Hi,my ICU NO. is 2016167232 I had subscribed for the free to air channels but for the past week i have not been able to view any channel…I have tried to clear the error code but i have not been succesful. Kindly assist

  132. hey i did a wrong transaction on Saturday, i have tried contacting you but av not been able..
    my IUC no is 2016925260
    my phone number is 0721396694..
    instead of my account i sent kshs.650 to 20169252260
    How can that cash be either reversed or moved to the correct account?

  133. My subscription is free to air(Annual) and expiring on 27th July. However from last week am only able to watch kbc. what could be the issue? IUCN-2018605629 (David)

  134. ICU NO.2019251662 I paid ksh.555 and changed to Gotv Lite BUT now i can NOT view any of the free to air channels like NTV, KTN etc only KBC.
    Kindly assist ASAP.

  135. Go tv a/c number- 2018637513.
    The subscription was paid. What is happening?I don't understand why reconnecting isn't automated. Do sth about this. Its.time consuming following up on such matters every so often.

  136. Hi Gotv team,its very inconviniencing to us your customers when someone has paid the monthly subscription on time and still find ur decoder unsubscribed due to payment.kindly deal with this problem quick enough.I am currently switched off for a mistake not mine.

  137. my icu number is 4623391710, I paid and they haven't reconnected and have been calling customer care and it has not been reconnected yet


  139. Am Jared iuc no. 2017828544,I paid for my decorder recharge yesterday evening and until now the E16 error is not yet cleared despite the numerous attempts have made to do it through gotv self service. Please let me know where the problem is.

  140. Hi,I paid for my subscription a week ago.Since Wednesday 29th 2016 the channels have been reduced to only 22 channels I have reset,scanned switch off and on but nothing. I have contacted customer care followed the procedures they advised me on but still the channels remain 22. I have subscribed to the Gotv plus bouquet of 920/= ,yet i cannot even watch what have paid for by right. Is it fair? What is happening with the Gotv fraternity? My iuc number is 2017414233 please assist me ASAP because the days are first moving and counting and i will soon be informed that my subscription has expired without watching the channels i paid for.

  141. My IUC no is 2017786646.It was accidentally pin~locked by my daughter.I have tried calling these guys to no avail because I need to unlock it fast to view my programms.Pls help .

  142. Hello,
    What is happening to GO TV payment plan? It was originally 849, i got a message 2 months back that the amount had been increased to 900. Then i got a message today saying that i should pay 916. This is irritating because i pay at the beginning of the month and i have to resend the balance when i get the message, days later.

  143. hallo, my gotv is not connecting i paid last kes 1000, i dail *423# to activate but whenever i put IUC number(2017461334) keep saying is incorrect. could you please assist

  144. I was given a number to call anytime i have a problem but since then the number is not going through. I paid ksh 920 but offered just a few channels. I better quit gotv and look for better option

  145. 2017234408 IUC NUMBER Not able to access the Gotv services and it paid for one year making me loose confidence with your services. Kindly sort it out.

  146. I paid 160 shillings for the new package yesterday, and i wanted you guys to change the older package of 920 shillings to that, for the time being, but you were not picking up any calls..even this morning i tried but nothing is happening…my IUC NO.2016178838, phone no. 0710324534. please i need your help.

  147. hi, i paid for gotv lite annually at 840 on 27th august and up to now itb it not upgraded yet. whats the problem??

  148. Heelo I paid my goTV and the subscription didn't go through been trying to call you but no one is picking up the calls ,my decoder is not showing any channel,my IUC number 2017473605,and please check my balance, kind regards

  149. Heelo I paid my goTV and the subscription didn't go through been trying to call you but no one is picking up the calls ,my decoder is not showing any channel,my IUC number 2017473605,and please check my balance, kind regards

  150. Hello….you recently sent messages on your lower rates and the gotv lite goes for 160 a month. Do I need to change anything if i have been using gotv plus to lite?

  151. Hi I paid for my girl TV subscription today and the went through but I have been waiting for the to give me back my channels but up to now I cant have them.
    This same mistake happened last month and I had to pay twice….. But I only enjoyed One Month even though I paid money for 2 M9 this I feel like they want me to pay again 2 times.
    I always pay 850ksh for one month but now I pay 850ksh times 2 for them to give me back the channels…… Please check and let me know what the problem could be and why is this happening and where does this extra money goes to.
    Here is. My IUC NUMBER

    1. Joseph, Here's where I think the mistake came in. GOTV Plus is now 920 and not 850. The good thing is, the extra cash paid remains in your account. That means that that last month you overpaid by 780. You should have topped up just 140 to access gotv plus this month. But since you've already paid, the money will be carried forward to next month. Next time, just dial *423# to see how much you need to pay and while paying, ensure that your decoder is on for an automatic reset.

      For now, I've just requested GOTV to reset your decoder. Lovely day.

  152. Hi I did not pay for my subscrition this month which expired on the 13th. If I pay anytime this week, will it be disconnected again next month by the 13th of October?

  153. Does this promotion hold…

    Reconnect today for GOtv LITE @160 MONTHLY, 375 QUARTERLY & 840 ANNUALLY, GOtv VALUE @470 & GOtv PLUS 920 per month.Use your IUC no. & paybill 423655 to get connected and feast on these awesome channels ->

    Kindly elaborate. ..thanks

  154. KJ51VQXDHV Confirmed. Ksh920.00 sent to GO TV for account 4624109534 on 5/10/16 at 3:24 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh.61. Hakikisha! Press any letter or number and send to stop transaction.
    My account GOtv Plus is yet activated what is the problem?
    Is the account activated?

  155. Hey i paid 840 sh for the lite package but the service is scrambled i can only view KBC plus my profile in you database reflects that my payment is due on 6th 0ctober. Am discouraged my ICU NO 4623393642

  156. Hey Gotv,
    My decoder stopped functioning one month's completely off no power at all,what could be the problem.
    Kindly assist I had subscribed one year subscription (IUC:4613963727)

  157. Hello,

    my IUC No. is 2018586516. I would like to completely block Nickelodeon channel from my GOTV channels and the parental key is not enabled. Please advice how to go about it.

  158. Hey,i have paid two times for gotv ICU 2019030372 ksh 850 and ksh 849 but on those two occasions it has never been activated the latter being s this fraud possible coz the E16 error keeps in appearing,when I called customer service on 0711066555 I was told the gotv number doesn't exist,how now and yet KBC is showing only.

  159. Hello I'm subscribed to go tv value and I normally pay yearly, so I paid this year in April but now my decoder has been switched off, what's the problem, I need your assistance

  160. a quick one my account no is 53370278 i wonder why they downgraded this account to 699.yet i bought this decorder to watch sony max and set now there not available

  161. I paid my gotv subcription on 30/11/2016 and later i found the error code E48-32 . I tried to scan and no channels were detected. I tried to reset it for installation again and it keeps taking me to the signal information screen. Please help.

  162. Hi!I have paid for my monthly subscription on IUC 2016101532 today and also called for error clearance but when I scan I get 0 channels .What could be the problem

  163. i seriously need by device to be activated . i have been begging for the past 4 days no. 2016171914…
    mazee mnafugha waseee sana… its now 4 days n have not received any help from you guys. every time i call your support team i am being told to wait for 5 minutes, which turns to days


  165. Hey Gotv…I paid my account yesternyt but nothing appart from KBC and Go channel… Tried to contact customer care but in vein. Trying to Live it love it but enough is enough..maybe its high time I started using other services…! My IUC no. Is 4622726473…plizzz…missing my programmes..! Plizzz go TV…work on the customer care services its pathetic

  166. I just paid for my account two hours ago and I still haven't got any service nothing at all can you help me out guys my ICU no is:2017601153.thanks

  167. I need help in activating my decoder.. I paid earlier and your ussd is just not working for me.Trxn no LCQ8H0XCEM Confirmed. Ksh470.00 IUC no. 2017451513

  168. Hae am scola ad i got a call last month from gotv thy told me to pay my gotv that april coz thy have an offer ad wil give me may free ad thy disconnect my decorder wen dat month end.why could they do that coz its off now?

  169. i have not used my decoder for two months and now i want to start using it but when i try to pay via mpesa am told that the organisation cant recceive my payment…is my decorder de activated or nicholas cheruiyot,,icu no 2019047643

  170. Hi my name is Jackline my IUC number is 4623579142. There was a blackout then when power came back i lost all the paid channels. I am only able to view the 800 channels. The quality and signal strength are okay. I have tried to scan several times and reset in vain

  171. Currently your services are very poor.No notices,when you talk to customer care they just lie but do nothing.I had to talk to three different people to finally get assisted

  172. Hi, my name is Carol. i have been very unsatisfied and curious. Why is it that Gotv doesnt improve on their cartoon channels i.e. the same same cartoons that my daughter watched when she was 3 years are the same same one 4 years down the line. Dont you have variety of cartoons? pls improve on this very important section for our kids sake

  173. Hello I was trying to pay my Gotv 2018947763 ,Bt instead I payed to this wrong number 2018647763.. Am trying to call Gotv Castomer care numbers 0711066000/0711066555 BT they are not going through..

  174. I have paid two subscription to change to Gotv Max but up to now no changes from your website……..i want to change from Gotv plus to Gotv Max.
    Maroro Okwera Benard
    2016193628 (ICU)
    Kindly you check and help me to change my subscription …

  175. Residing in Mlolongo.
    My GOTV services disappeared yesterday evening ,that is on the 11th of December and even after doing automatic scanning the reply is that no channels found or no services found.The Error code that appears on the screen is E48-32.The payment date for this service is 27th December 2017.The IUC number is 2004290776,what could be the issue ,is it with GOTV or my Decoder is malfunctioning.I need your help.

  176. Hello….last year I paid a yearly subscription on September of 1300 and now you send us another message for us to pay and yet a year is not yet over…please check on this….IUC NO is 6995402924..Brooke

  177. Hello….last year I paid a yearly subscription on September of 1300 and now you send us another message for us to pay and yet a year is not yet over…please check on this….IUC NO is 6995402924..Brooke

  178. Hello….last year I paid a yearly subscription on September of 1300 and now you send us another message for us to pay and yet a year is not yet over…please check on this….IUC NO is 6995402924..Brooke

  179. Hello….last year I paid a yearly subscription on September of 1300 and now you send us another message for us to pay and yet a year is not yet over…please check on this….IUC NO is 6995402924..Brooke

  180. Hello….last year I paid a yearly subscription on September of 1300 and now you send us another message for us to pay and yet a year is not yet over…please check on this….IUC NO is 6995402924..Brooke

  181. Hi I paid kshs.1300 I wanted to watch select 4 but I have not managed.Previously I was on Gotv plus.MyIUC no.2017420514

  182. I received a call from 0719068000 and the guy claimed to be one of you people asking some details concerning my registration… Is this one of you or just a spam

  183. Hello i bought this dickoda because of football(English Premier Legue) and am disappointed in you pple coz I don’t see anything concerning premier league.

  184. My IUC number is 7018829206,i downgraded to plus and made payment as rqurequi,iam asked to call numbers that wont go through!!!!pl pleathus is frustrating,help.

  185. hi My GOTV decorder, IUC NO 2015970756 has not been receiving signals at all. It started spontaneously by blinking orange colour. When I changed the power cable, it changed to green, but no signals yet.When i use other decorders,the signals come and are quite strong. What could be the problem because ,I have not been watching Tv for the last one week. Im even contemplating buying a different decorder

  186. Hi I paid ma Gotv decoder ICU 2017617520 Sh 749 and I later got a message that it has been accepted to ICU no 4624117745 which is wrong plz help almost a week now waiting for your help

  187. Kindly update and activate my account as I have made payment and still waiting to watch channels that have paid for.
    My iuc no is:4622673609
    Effort of speaking to customer care has been in vain instead engaged with long advertisement which depleted all my airtime

    Kindly assist accordingly.

  188. I paid my subscription on 27th Feb and upto date there are no services. I have tried calling customer care but no one picks up. My IUC 2003620591

  189. My gotv chanels keep changing whenever I pay the subscription am not enjoying my favourite why then customer care its chargeable but takes long to be put on consideration am not happy about that IUC 7032005796

  190. HI guys please dont change the program time. especially the vow, reach for the stars, because we are at work so the time you are bringing them we are at work so we dont watch. kindly return them the way they were before.

  191. Am Henry rayamo of iuc no 2018651305,I upgraded my decoder to gotv value from gotv lite and to date no change,I even paid more than normal,please help me out.

  192. I’m disappointed by your services, i paid my GOTV yesterday but i tried calling for activation but no one picks calls,

  193. Frustrated customer of comes I paid for my monthly subscription then it get to me that offer has ended where I have been usually paying the same amount all year long?then the channel reduced even before payment was due?

  194. paid for lite on 10/8/20 and next payment is due on 10/9/20. Have contacted customer care twice and they have assured me the error is sorted and once i scan afresh i should access the service which i have done severally but no service still. the error is “E66-32: This channel is not authorized for viewing. please contact the Gotv call center for assistance.” the signal strength and quality are ok at 91%and 100% respectively. its now 3rd 5th day w/out the service. please assist

  195. i got a problem with my decoda 2 cant read up my flash disk at all my IUC 7527979229 an my phone am having 1month after purchase

  196. Of late it’s very frustrating even after paying for the packages..many channel every time you switch on ,Al what comes to the screen is errors!!almost a month now channels like maisha magic east kwangu siku hizi ni ndoto..I fail to even thinking if disconnecting it because right now there is no difference..

  197. My gotv decorder is not scanning and it misses some channels which are within my package .Kindly sort it out

  198. We are tired with your frequent messages on the tv screen. Better send them on phone numbers. They are areal bother to me

  199. Please I have waited for almost 2hours you have not returned back my channels as you have said earlier and have paid,IUc no.7032185852,if you don’t bring back those channels better I buy star times

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