Goodbye Ceskycess. Hello, Modern Mom.

For a blogger, I am a very private person. I know it’s hard to believe but there are moments when I just wish I had a shell on my back that I can hide in.

When I started blogging, I had no idea what I wanted to say. I therefore wrote some really pathetic posts and prayed that no one would ever read them.  A few months later, a love interest did some stalking, found my blog and read the half-baked posts. To please me (I think), he praised and gushed my writing.
As much as I knew he was lying, I loved the compliments. So much that I wrote a new post each day, every day to entertain my only fan.That was 6 years ago. I have since married my ‘groupie’ (sorry babe) and had his baby.
Along the way more and more people read my stories and I never got used to it. I would meet a person I knew in college and they would call me by my online name and I would somehow feel exposed. But it always felt good to know that people took their time to read my work. My supervisors at the time learned about the blog, one by one they would pop their head into my office and ask, ‘Have you updated today?’ A nod from me would have them hurrying back to their offices to read whatever it is that I had to say.

Fast forward to two years ago when I woke up feeling like my writing was not resonating with the woman I’d become. My life changed so drastically and I became a lot more responsible almost overnight. I struggled to fit my new lifestyle into my blog with lots of encouragement from my online friend Woolie. He always assured that I would find my voice again. And I did.

One day I wake up and tell myself, you know what Cess; you’d do great as a mom blogger.  There’s so much to learn and share, and so many amazing stories and experiences to tell. And that is how Modern Mom was born; a blog so different from my first that I could not imagine sharing it with anyone who knew me. Not even the main man in my life who happens to be my biggest fan.
I am slowly learning to embrace my new title. Every now and then I’ll have a conversation like this when a friend finally finds out that I am Modern Mom:
Best friend: Hooooold up. Are you ‘Modern Mom’?
Me:(Hiding) Yeah, why?
Best friend:Hehe! I was just wondering… It’s dope! It sounds like something written by an ooooold (read experienced) mom.
That warms my heart. Because experienced is the voice I was going for.
My new platform has opened so many doors for me. The top on that list is the amazing opportunity to manage a kids’ clothing brand known as Candy, the only brand in Kenya with the trendiest, best quality pieces in the most affordable prices. You must have seen them in Tuskys or one of the Essentials shops in Nairobi.
And though I focus mostly on things Kenyan Moms are searching for online, I occasionally channel Ceskycess when telling personal parenting  and motherhood stories. It is my prayer that you like it here.
And to all Ceskycess fans, I love you so much. You are the reason I am what I am today.

Until we see each other again, 

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