Gertrude’s Hospital Contacts

Gertrudes Hospital is the only hospital in Kenya that is specifically pediatric. Founded in 1947 by Ewart Scott Grogan in memory of his wife Gertrude, the hospital which first called Muthaiga home has grown to now have over 10 clinics across the country. You can get the full list of the Clinic branches, their locations and contacts here.

While Muthaiga branch, the main hospital, is open 24 hours a day, the clinics are open between 8AM and 8PM.

Here are the Gertrude’s Hospital Contacts for those who want to contact the children hospital’s customer care.

Gertrude’s Hospital Phone Contacts

Use these numbers to call:


020 7206000

Gertrude’s Hospital Contacts

Gertrude’s Hospital Website

Visit the Gertrude’s Children Hospital Website through the link.

Gertrude’s Hospital Facebook Contacts

You can reach them though their Facebook page by following this link.

Gertrude’s Hospital Twitter Contacts

Another way of contacting  customer care is by sending a tweet through their twitter handle @GertrudesHosp

Gertrude’s Hospital Postal Address

42325 – 00100

Image Credit: Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital.

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