Friday Finds | Back to School

Today’s Friday Finds help you tick off the back-to-school checklist for less. If you get at least 5 of the tagged back to school items, you automatically get a 10% off!

  1. Margarine | Blue Band
  2. Omo | Fast Action Hand Washing Powder
  3. Men Cooling Petroleum Jelly | Vaseline
  4. City Walk | Red Seer Baby School Bag
  5. Black School Shoes | Bantu
  6. Casio | FX100MS Scientific Calculator
  7. 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Lunch Box | Tedemei
  8. Rexona | Women Invisible Black & White Anti-Perspirant
  9. Aloe Vera and Honey Family Bathing Soap | Geisha
  10. Take advantage of  the Mobile Week Promotion the next 7 days.

A diaper at a time.,
Until we see each other again, 

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