FREE P&G Household Training Academy for your nanny

We get most of our nannies straight from the upcountry and they have no idea what is expected of them.It is difficult for us to train them when we also lack in the housekeeping sector. This is where P&G comes in. They offer your nanny free household training absolutely free of charge.

Housekeeping Academy

If you are in Nairobi, the classes are being offered in the following venues and dates:

  1. South B – Hazina Estate – Court 10 House number M42 (11th – 22nd October)
  2. Thome – The Nest place – Garden estate road 400m from Thika super highway (25th October – 5th November)
  3. Westlands – Near Toyota Kenya off Church Road – Westlands Court House Number 40 (8th – 19th November)
  4. Loresho – 162 Loresho crescent – First Gate on your right (22nd November – 3rd December)

You can either attend the morning session between 9am and 1 pm, or the evening session between 2 and 5 pm.

Register here or call 0796 088997 for inquiries.

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