Fisher Price Royal Potty 2018

If you are a parent to a little princess or prince, how about giving them a Royal treatment with this fisher price royal potty. The built in reward system will encourage your little one with beautiful tunes as s/he goes.

The Royal potty can also be attached to the regular toilet and can even be used by your short little one as a step stool to help him/her reach the sink when it comes to washing their hands after going. The fisher price royal potty’s legs are removable for easy storage and so is the bowl which eases the after cleanup.

fisher price royal potty
The day I bought my baby a potty chair, she thought it was a real chair with fun adjustments. She used it how she’d use a chair, she dragged it on the floor, pushed it, climbed on top of it and tried to use it to reach the top of the table. Day two was a different story; that is when I started potty training her and made it categorical that we pee in the potty and not on the floor. She was hearing none of it.

I would whisk her immediately after seeing her start peeing on herself and she would hold it immediately. She completely refused to sit on it too. She arched her back and screamed at the top of her lungs.

And then came the part when I would need to go out of the house with her and I needed a portable potty to take with me just in case. That is how I got the Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty. I got it in pink too, princess pink. And things suddenly took a different turn. She started becoming interested in using her potty whenever she remember which is sadly not all the time. Most of the time she just goes on herself when not watched closely but she loves the royal stepstool and is willing to give it a chance. The musical tunes encourage and entertain her so much that she now enjoys doing what she hated doing just days ago.

I like that it is easy to empty and clean and like the name suggests, can be used as a stepstool to reach the sink. My girl is too young to wash her hands by herself so that’s not really necessary, but it will in handy when she is ready.

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