Fashion Headbands Set Review

Kids are naturally imaginative, creative and artsy. Little girls especially are attracted to brightly colored items, cute outfits and unique accessories. They would also never pass up an opportunity to create something awesome and show off to their friends. But even if your little girl is the shy kind who never wants to be the center of attention or is not as talented in the arts department, the Fashion Headbands Set will allow her to express herself without feeling like she’s doing art.  This ultimate headband set comes with 10 headbands in different colors, flowers, a butterfly, rhinestones, feathers, ribbon yards and much more will help her create personalized hair accessories easily.

Fashion Headbands Set Review

To stimulate and encourage the child’s creativity, the Fashion Headbands set comes with a number of features:
  • 10 headbands in bright and beautiful rainbow colors. The bands are made of satin and are therefore very soft. This makes them firmly comfortable without pinching the child behind the ears. 
  •  Lots of design ideas and step by step instructions on how to execute them.
  • To accessorize the headbands, the set includes a generous supply of feathers, color-coordinated ribbons, and rhinestones for gluing onto the bands.
  • You also get 2 big flowers and a butterfly. Each of these has an elastic band that can be easily slipped onto the bands for different styling.
  • You can also make your own easy to slip on interchangeable pieces using the 3 additional elastics provided.
  • To stick the pieces together, you will have a large tube of craft glue
About the Product
This kit is simply awesome and I’ll tell you why. With 10 headbands, a girl can glue on 10 permanent designs on the headbands sprinkled with uniqueness, personality, creativity and awesomeness. If she adds the 3 slip on bands that come with the set and the other three that she designs, those are over 50 styles to choose from. Talk about being spoilt for choice.
What’s better, the little girl gets to have a sense of accomplishment as well as bragging rights to her friends that she made them herself. The personalized creations will definitely give her immense pride at parties, in church or school. 
This gift is a great activity for slumber and birthday for parties, scouts events, play dates, craft clubs as well as bonging time between parent and daughter and it only goes for under $15. 
With little supervision, the younger children can do this on their own while the older ones will be comfortable doing it by themselves. It is not only a great gift for your girl, it could also help her make and give personalized holidays and birthday gifts to her friends.
  • Very cute and fun
  • It is simple enough for your child to do it on her own
  • It encourages independence
  • Promotes self-confidence.
  • The activity helps build small motor skills
  • Color awareness  is developed
  • The kid is able to grasp construction concepts
  • It stimulates and encourages children’s creativity
  • The glue takes long to hold. If in a hurry, you can allow your child to use other kinds of hot glue with your supervision.
  • The Fashion Headbands Set does not include a tape and scissors which are needed for the designs. You can however use the ones in the house. If you do not have these items, consider getting Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Headband Kit. It comes with its own cutting tools.
Insider Tips 
You need to be patient with the glue as it takes time to dry. It is therefore advisable to do this when your child has enough time on their hands. Other types of glues can also be used but ensure to maintain the child’s safety at all times. Glue dotswill be perfect and you can use them for other types of crafts as well.
Compared to Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Headband Kitand Totally Me! Make Your Own Fashion Headbands Set: Major Features and Specification Differences 
Fashion Headbands Sets Comparison Table
Fashion Headbands Set  
Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Headband Kit

Totally Me! Make Your Own Fashion Headbands Set

Product Dimensions
9 x 4.2 x 12 inches
10.5 x 2 x 11 inches
11.7 x 10.1 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight
1.3 pounds
1.4 pounds
8 ounces
Recommended age
5 – 9 years
8 years and up
4 years and up
Number of Headbands
Accessories Included
10 headbands in rainbow colors, feathers,  rhinestones, a butterfly, flowers, yards of ribbon, glue, instruction booklet, three bands, and more
12 rolls of Tapeffiti decorative tapes, 9 feet of tape each
The Tapeffiti dispenser and the cutting tool needed
12 fabric flowers, over 590 assorted small rhinestones ,1 tube of glitter powder, over 190 sequins, over 15 buttons, 3 embroidered appliques, over 50 assorted large rhinestones, 1 tube of glitter glue, assorted ribbon and an instruction booklet.
Price Comparison
Under $20
Under $15
Under $25
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Totally Me! Make Your Own Fashion Headbands Set


As we conclude, here are the main features and properties of the Fashion Headbands Set :
  • It includes headbands in rainbow colors, feathers,  rhinestones, a butterfly, flowers, yards of ribbon and more
  • Great for play days, birthdays, slumber parties, and small group activities.
  • Create 10 awesome and personalized accessories
  • Educational fun
  • Another gift idea under $10 just like the Wet/Dry Bag.
Check out the Fashion Headbands Set on today to see more details and read other customer’s reviews now.


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