I’ve been getting very many questions lately I thought I’d add a FAQ page to answer some of them….

• Why do you mix your blog with personal stuff?

Correction there… I do not mix. I just write about personal stuff. Why?
In a blonde accent, ‘I dun no… Probably cuz it’s a personal blog?! Just maybe…’
But seriously, there are different kinds of blogs. Personal, informational, content and the list goes on…. In fact, I have seven blogs. Only two of them are personal. But they are the easiest to update for I don’t have to research and the content is always unique. This allows me to update frequently and it gives me much pleasure seeing people are interested in my personal stupid nonsense. However, if you are the kind of a person interested in the serious stuff, I’ll leave a link to the other blogs.

• Were you chips fungwaad after your blind date?

The answer to that would be no. I don’t do that. I would not mind sausage fungaiing however. It would be interesting. I spent the night at my friend’s place.

• Are you ever serious?

Yah, I can get very serious, like twice in a year.

• Do you smoke weed?

No I don’t and neither am I crazy.

• Do you edit your stories?

If there’s need to edit, then I don’t share it at all. So no, I do not edit my stories but I don’t share everything all the same.

• Why don’t you try to add your matako?

That is the simplest and the most hilarious question….
The reason I don’t do that would be because I consider my arse to be one of my best features. It is closely followed by the bust and my left hand nails. It’s in fact so legendary that some blogger wrote about it… hehe… am exaggerating… he mentioned it in a post. Very few have had the honour. You don’t believe me? Then click here. It’s somewhere in the last paragragh. If you’re still not convinced, then wait for the comments.

• Are you a real Engineer?

Not yet….but it pays my bills. That’s good enough for me.

• Are you a lesbian/Bisexual?

No, I don’t think so.

• Can I have a link on your blog?

Yes you can, if you put a link of my blogs on your website too.

• How good are you in Tae-Kwon-Do?

Not good. I just like defence. A few tricks here and there.

• Have you ever been in a serious relationship?


• Are you seeing anyone?

I’ve been in an open relationship for over a year now. And yes, that means what you’re thinking.

• How do you get material for the posts?

That’s the beauty of a personal blog. You never run out of ideas for each day is different. I can’t even exhaust everything I’d want to write about.

• Do you do it for money or as a hobby?


If you have any other question, feel free to ask. I’ll try to answer as best as I can.

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