Fad Diets Never Work; Here’s Why…

If you are occasionally on the lookout for the latest diet, then you will be happy to know that you are not the only one. Many of us do. The pressure to lose weight and get the red-carpet ready bodies we see on TV is so much, making fad diets extremely popular. Promise one the miracle of losing weight overnight and you’ve got their attention.

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The sad part is that study after study has shown that only 2% of dieters lose weight and maintain to keep it off. The rest of the flock loses it only to gain it back a few months later. The truth of the matter is that the companies marketing these fad diets know that the success is only temporary. They are assured of minting millions from desperate customers through repeat business.

Below I reveal the top three reasons why fad diets never work:

1.  For one to lose weight though fad diets, major changes need to be adapted. These changes are so radical that it would be impossible to carry though for a long period of time. This is the very reason why most diets run for one to three months.

It works for some time, yes (because when you starve yourself you are sure to lose weight fast), but the weight loss is only temporary. Once the diet period is over, it is very hard to continue with the lifestyle. Once you go back to the normal way of living , the weight comes back and it does so with vengeance. You end up even heavier that you were when you started out.


Instead of opting for radical changes, introduce healthier lifestyle changes gradually. You will lose weight slower, but it becomes very easy to maintain the lifestyle and ultimately the weight loss.

2.  Fad diets results to muscle loss.  Starving yourself to lose weight will not only lead to weight loss, it also causes muscle loss.  This is a big problem since muscle is the fuel that burns calories, the more muscle one has, the higher the metabolic rate and thus the higher the amount of fat burned in a day.  The loss of muscle sabotages your weight loss efforts by decreasing your metabolism.


A safer alternative to fad dieting is to follow a sensible weight loss plan that combines healthy eating and a strength training program. This will ensure that your muscles remain protected as you lose the extra fat.

3.  Fad diets lead to fatigue.  Eating enough food provides the body with the energy needed to carry out the normal day to day activities.  Depriving the body the nutrients it requires leaves one feeling tired moody and sluggish.  


Opt for healthy meals with a protein, vitamins, fats and carbohydrate’s balance.

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