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When you’re expecting your first child, you’re eager, you’re green and you’re clueless. This was me four years ago. As soon as we learnt we were pregnant, we started buying stuff for the kid right away. It did not matter that we did not know everything we’d need and the right sizes for a newborn. All we knew was that we had to get prepared and we had to do it fast.

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We’re now pregnant with the second and I’m somehow embarrassed to say that I’ve done nothing as far as getting ready for the baby is concerned. I gave out newborn clothing  that were used by my baby girl a long time ago. To make matters worse, this pregnancy has not been as easy for me as the last one was. My legs’ joints have taken a real beating and there are days when I’m lucky to walk without limping.

For these reasons, I know it will be hard to walk from shop to shop looking for baby essentials like I did before, when I’m in my third trimester. The one thing I got going for me is that I discovered a little secret known as Essentials. Known as the most affordable store in town, Essentials not only stocks anything baby/kids, but also other items like ladies and men’s shoes, blankets, camping items, gardening and household items, kitchen essentials and many other items.

Seeing that I’m looking for newborn products, below are some of the items t hat caught my eye:

Baby Rompers, dresses and Body Suits

Body suits go for as little as Ksh. 399 while rompers cost Ksh. 799 only.


Bibs going for as little as Ksh. 199

Fleece blankets

Baby blankets as soft as a baby’s bottom going for just Ksh. 295.

Pampers diapers with free wipes also available. 

 You can never have enough diapers. That is why they make the best newborn gifts. If you are going to see a mother who’s just delivered and have no idea what to get her, you can never go wrong with a pack of diapers.

Hand and baby wipes

You want wipes that are delicate enough  for the baby’s delicate skin.

Bath Tub
This animal is huge! I swear if I were a gymnast I would fit in there. For a baby, it will be more like a swimming pool. Perfect for up to five years to come. I also love it’s soft surface. You know that feel of a fold-able water bottle? What do you call it?

Cotton Wool Balls

These are used in the first few weeks to clean the umbilical cord stump. You can always use the remaining ones to remove makeup and cutex. When you’re finally ready to look cute again, that is.

Baby Gift Sets

When not sure what to buy a newborn as a gift, a baby gift set is the way to go.

Socks and stocking

Stuffed animals

Car seats

Other baby products available in Essentials are feeding bottles, Avent products, toys, hooded towels, strollers, nets, raincoats and baby carriers.

They also have non-baby products like camping items, clothing, barbecue accessories, ladies jeans, toiletries, home and lifestyle products, bags, cards, stationary, kitchen and party items.

The store now has two branches; one at The Oval, Westlands and another at Garden City Mall along Thika Superhighway. A third branch is expected to be open for business at The Hub in Karen, later this year. They always have special offers and discounts allowing one to save even further!

Until we see each other again, 

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