Easy Meat Pie Recipe

Mince pie


·         A pound of meat
·         A pound of tart apples
·         A little butter
·         Sugar
·         Wine/ brandy
·         Cinnamon and cloves
·         Raisins
·         1 tsp salt
·         Citron
·         Lemons
Boil the meat till perfectly tender.  Remove it from the bones, chop it fine enough to strain through a sieve, and mix it with an equal weight of tart apples, chopped very fine. If the meat is not fat, put in a little melted butter. Moisten the mixture with cider and sweeten it to your preferred taste with sugar and very little molasses. Add cinnamon, cloves, and salt, to taste. For a rich pie, put in wine or brandy to the taste, and raisins plus citron. You can also add the grated rind and lemon juice to improve the pie. Make the pies on shallow plates, with apertures in the upper crust, and bake them from a half to three-quarters of an hour, depending on how hot the oven is.
If you would like to prepare meat that will stay good for several months, here is how you do it: To a pound of finely chopped meat, a quarter of a pound of butter, put one ounce of cinnamon, a quarter of an ounce of cloves, and two tea-spoonfuls of salt.
Add any of these fruits depending on your taste: half a pound of seeded raisins, and a quarter of a pound of citron. Put in half a pint of French brandy or wine, three table-spoonfuls of molasses, and enough sugar to make it quite sweet.  

You can put the mixture away and use it whenever you need to make a pie by putting to what meat you use an equal weight of apples, pared and chopped fine. If not seasoned enough, add more spice and sugar. If the apples are not tart, put in lemon-juice or sour cider.

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