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Don’t Heap a Mountain Only to Later Leave Food on Your Plate

A few weeks back, two ladies dropped by my house in the late hours of the morning and happened to be there when I was serving lunch. Since I had not expected them, I served leftover Mukimo and vegetables. When the lunch was over, I realized that one of the ladies had left her vegetables on her table without even touching them. I did not like it one bit, and apparently it bothered me enough to inspire this post.

Maybe I was wrong for serving them instead of letting each person serve the amount they were comfortable with, but there’s nothing wrong with asking for a bowl to reduce your food before starting to eat, instead of wasting. At least that is what I do; that is what I would have done.
This incident reminded me of a breed of people I have seen in buffets. The person serves a mountain of beef, fish, chicken, chapattis and deep fried potatoes only to leave half of the food on their plates. They might feel that they are entitled and that they are getting their money’s worth, but wastage is wastage.  Just like water, the fact that you’re paying for it does not mean that you should waste it, every drop that goes down the drain means that there is someone somewhere willing to pay for it never gets the chance.

There’s nothing wrong with asking or going for a second helping when everyone else have had the opportunity to go through the line once; but let’s agree on one thing, leaving food on your plate is just rude.



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