Do You Really Know The Person Caring for Your Child?

My friend told me a strange experience she had just a few days ago.

It started when her child’s care giver left and she had to look for someone else to take care of her kid while she is away at work. After trying baby care for a few days, she decided to settle for a daytime nanny; one who’d be coming in the morning and leaving in the evening.

Fortunately for her, she found one in a lady with 3 kids living not very far away. After negotiating the charges and all that, my friend asked her to report to work the following day and bring her ID card with her.

She did bring the ID card, but it was a coloured and laminated copy. Surprised, my friend asked why she did not bring the original, to which the lady replied that she just thought that it would be more convenient for my friend if she just brought her a copy that she could leave behind. The explanation did make some sense. Somehow.

Something still bugged my friend though, the name for instance was not the one she had told her, even though the photo looked a lot like her. When she asked the lady, the answer was, ‘Oh…That? Emily is my nickname.’

The lady also looked a lot younger than her ID indicated. She could not have been born in 1977. 

I think being desperate contributed to my friend not reading all the signs. The lady worked for five days and her work was spectacular. 

Come day five, they were warming up to each other and making small talk. My friend commented on how good and young the lady looked for someone who’d been born in 1977 and that is when the lady made a terribly stupid mistake. ‘That’s not my ID!’ she blurted out without thinking. She claimed that it was her sister’s and she only brought it since she did not have an ID herself.

That was last Friday.

Yesterday was Monday and she was expected to report to work at 7 as usual. Seven came and went and when it got to 7:30, my friend tried calling her to ask whether she was on her way. The lady was unreachable.

When my friend told me the story, I told her I was glad she left for good. You cannot trust someone like that with your child.

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