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Different Types of Eyeliners Explained

Different Types of Eyeliners Explained

When looking to give your look a pop, eye makeup will do just that. From dramatic to shadowy, you are guaranteed to appear red carpet ready without having to do much to the rest of the face. All you’ll need is a clear lip gloss to complete the look. Whether you are a pro or just starting out, it is good to know that there are different types of eyeliners to choose from.

There are many brands in the beauty industry available to you at the click of a button. Whatever you choose to go with depends on your skin type, ease in application, your wallet size as well as the effect you want at the end of the day. We shall look at the most common types of eyeliners.

Different Types of Eyeliners

Gel eyeliner


This type of eyeliner creates strong lines and is especially popular with professional makeup artists. It comes in a pot and a small brush is used to apply. Though a little difficult to apply at first, it becomes very easy when one gets used. It works best for the catlike look because of its bold, dark lines, but the fact that it takes time to dry makes it perfect for smudged and smoky finishes as well.

Liquid eyeliner

This one is a little difficult to apply and should be left to the pros. If you are a newbie, it helps to have a very steady hand as it is very slick and bold. It comes in a tube and a brush and makes the eyelashes look a lot thicker. Stay away from this option if you have strong face features as this bold look only adds to the sharpness. It is also difficult to attain a smoky or smudged look with this eyeliner and should therefore be preserved for more sophisticated functions.

Pencil eyeliner

The eye pencil is the staple in every woman’s makeup kit. It is not only a {cheap makeup} alternative, it is also portable and very easy to apply. It is very thick and chunky and creates the best smoky look. These qualities make it perfect for a blurred or smudgy effect as well. For a gel eyeliner look on a budget, go for the solid gel pencil. It gives a bold look and can be softened by smudging within a minute of applying.

Eye shadow eyeliner

This one is applied on its own or on top of other eyeliners to help them set. To apply, simply dampen a thin brush, dip it in eye shadow and apply along the eye lids. It gives a smouldering look. The eye shadow eyeliner is especially good for oily skins as it tends to soak up some of the oils. This eyeliner will not last as long as the rest, but it is the most affordable for ladies operating on a budget.

No matter which types of eyeliners you prefer, it is important to remember that when it comes to makeup, less is more. The rule is to focus on one main feature and draw attention to it. In this case, pay close attention to the eyes and do little with the lips. A nude lipstick will do.

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