Dell Inspiron Mini iM1012-7990BK 10.1-Inch Netbook Review

I bought my Dell Inspiron netbook back in 2011. At the time, I only had a desk top and I was having a hard time carrying work back and forth from the office using flash disks. I was on a look out for an affordable compact laptop that could easily fit in my bag.

At the time, netbooks had just made an appearance into the Kenyan Market mainly through the mobile provider, Safaricom. They in fact had an offer where for a reduced price, you could get any of their laptops and they would give you a modem for free. Among the brands available then at the store for netbooks were Acer and Dell.

Dell Inspiron Mini
Dell Inspiron Mini iM1012-7990BK 10.1-Inch Netbook

I went for Dell Inspiron Mini 10, mainly because I had never heard of Acer before. And I was not disappointed. With a 1GB RAM and 1.66 GHZ processor, Dell Inspiron was perfect for my lifestyle. What impressed me the most though was not the technical qualities, I am sure any laptop would have done the job at the time. It was the amazing ability to fit into all of my handbags. Yeah, because I am shallow like that.

But here is the thing, I was a girl then. I loved to go out with my friends after work. So any laptop that could fit in my cleavage would have been perfect for me. This one did. Well, almost. And at just 3 pounds, I did not have to worry about my back or posture. Because let’s face it, my bag already weighed much heavier than that.

The only problem I have with the netbook now, 3 years down the line, is that it tends to get full (storage wise, that is). The 250GB hard drive is a little low for someone who is a heavy user with lots of photos, videos and softwares to save. If you would like a laptop with a bigger hard drive capacity, consider getting the Dell Inspiron 3542-2247 which has 500GB space.

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